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  1. Z

    Cross-linking unrevelant sites

    Let's say, I have two unrevelant sites with 100s of indexed pages. I put one link (linking to the other one) to each of the two sites' main page. (So I'll have 100s of backlinks to each site.) Will the search engine ranking of both sites increase? What do you think?
  2. K

    Is DMOZ still relevant?

    Are dmoz links still relevant, or is it just dying a slow death?
  3. mutantspace

    moving from .ie to .com

    just wondering if anyone can help. I want to move to Im just wondering if the best way to do that is to put a 301 redirect code into my .htaccess file and if so will my moving it affect pagerank, seo on the site? Id also like to know what the code for the...
  4. H

    cool seo tip for you to enjoy

    Here's a TIP I've found that is... well... super sneaky and cool. If your stuck trying to "out-rank" a certain competitor for keyword(s) in Google (or any other search engines for that matter) here's what I recommend you to, because I've been using it to devistating effect. ... and it's...
  5. Z

    eCommerce Barware Website For Sale

    Hi. I have an ecommerce starter site for sale. WEBSITE NAME: Barware To Buy WEBSITE URL: Buy Barware The website advertises eBay auction listings via eBay's affiliate program (the eBay Partner Network) and commissions are paid out by eBay for any sales or traffic the website drives to the...
  6. Z

    E-Commerce Baby Products Web-site Available For Sale

    Hi. I have an ecommerce starter website up for sale. WEBSITE NAME: Baby Products To Buy WEBSITE URL: Buy Baby Toys The site advertises eBay listings via the eBay Partner Network (eBay's affiliate program) and commissions are paid by eBay for any visitors the website sends to eBay's site...
  7. B

    Purchasing Links

    Hi Guys, I recently watch a video by Matt Cutt & he mentioned it's ok to buy links from valid sources. (pretty old video so I don't really know the stance on this now). I've been searching the net looking to purchase links but there is just too many service providers & I don't know who to trust...
  8. mneylon

    Why Whitehat SEO Is Better

    Excellent article on Seomoz's blog on why whitehat SEO tactics are better than blackhat ones: White Hat SEO: It F@$#ing Works | SEOmoz
  9. B

    Specific keyword Ranking

    Hi I'm looking for some advise on how to rank for specific keywords. I blog about Internet marketing, Social Media and Google I would like to be found for certain terms that are of high competition. Lets say I'm looking to rank for Internet marketing & various similar terms what's the best...
  10. A Dating/Tube/Social Networking site for sale $1000

    I'm selling my new start up adult dating site, The site is a few weeks old and has no traffic or revenue. Unlike most sites this is a 3 in one platform that consist of Dating, Social Networking and Video all in one. The site comes with a 13,000 member database in addition to 40,000 embedded...
  11. C

    Yahoo Directory is it valuable for purely SEO purposes

    Hey guys. Does being listed in the Yahoo Directory still have an impact on your SEO efforts? Do you still have to pay for it? In other words will me spending money on a yahoo directory listing help with my rankings?
  12. B

    PR 1 but really bad website

    Hi, Ive been looking some website that are page rank 1 but have no content, meta tags, seo at all. how is this? Would I right in saying it's beacuse they are live a couple of years?
  13. B

    Good idea to link exchange?

    My website is gay dating & social networking. It's live a couple of months. I've been asked to link with another website. They are a fashion website that writes about clothing. It's a wordpress website that has lots of content and a Page Rank 2. If I agree to exchange they will give me a link...
  14. C

    Submitting sitemaps to Google

    Does anyone know whether submitting a sitemap to Google will increase the page rank of my sites pages other than the homepage etc? In other words will submitting a sitemap alone have any affect on my PR? Thanks
  15. S

    .ie hosted out side of Ireland?

    My site is currently hosted with Blacknight and sits at no1 on google Ireland for many important keywords. Page rank 4. I'm very happy. But I'm looking at moving to a saas based ecommerce cart but unfortunately Blacknight or anyone else in Ireland doesn't offer any. So if my .ie was hosted...
  16. T

    Does Google punish improper links?

    We are currently trying to add links to our 'Links' page. Our business is formal and menswear and we specialise in retail mens suits & suit hire for Men for weddings. We want to get links to other sites that are wedding related so that we can increase our page rank as well as get our name out...
  17. B

    Link building - Instant traffic Creation

    Hi, would anyone recommend using these Instant Traffic Creation Services I'm thinking of using them to build links for me. From looking at the site they have some good offers. My website is live 4 weeks now & I'm the business of online dating. I was thinking of paying a company do build...
  18. W

    What addons for FF, Chrome, etc browsers are you use?

    I'm not sure if I open this thread in best place. If no, please move on right place. I'm just curios what SEO, webmaster, etc addons are you use for Firefox, Chrome and other browsers. Please present just addons relevancy for webmasters. Thanks
  19. G

    Which type of link exchange is better?

    Usually while exchanging links, i ask for contextual link. But there are site wide links, footer links, text links, banners, etc. I request for link on the relevant page or section of the website than site wide links. Which one is the best ?
  20. rikzricci

    How to rank in google?

    How to rank in google? This were always the big question for me, because my blog is not in the google index... So, is there someone can help me with this? this is my blog hxxp:// change the "xx" to "tt". This blog is all about the movies that I watch. Thank you in advance!
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