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  1. trickobrien

    Best strategies to rank locally and globally

    I would like to hear any views on best approach to get a site to rank both here and globally,in terms of backlinking,meta data,content,and best location to host site
  2. S

    Explain backlinks

    I have seen many sites asking for different techniques to gain more backlinks. What exactly are these backlinks? On one of the forums, I read that they are the lifeblood of Search Engine Positioning. It helps the site to be on the top of search engines. All the webmasters want to have numerous...
  3. J

    How on page and off page optimisation are necessary a web site.

    Hello everyone, As we know on-page optimization and off-page optimization are the technique used for increasing the page rank.Can anyone tell me about this operation or how it performed. Search Engine Optimization - Windows Security Software - Software Development & Consultancy...
  4. I

    Free edu gov and normal backlinks from high PR sites!

    hello everyone i just opened a site to help all seo beginers build theyr backlinks and get a better ranking in google. i will post every day 1 backlink from pr4-9 and tutorial how to leave ure anchored keywords in there and get some of that SE link juice to you. please leave a feedback or...
  5. L

    Which is the best seo technique which will help promote my business ?

    Which is the best seo technique which will help promote my business ?
  6. K

    joomla seo tips

    any good joomla seo tips that are available
  7. D

    Google PR Update April

    Looks likes a Google PR update early April (3rd) for anyone that still passes any notice of page rank updates.
  8. L

    how to promote my websites

    Help plz im lookin for sugestions on how to promote my websites her they are in plain text im desperate iv tried evrything :confused:
  9. J

    How can I rank my keyword fast ?

    hi everyone I have a loans related site and want to rank all keywords in USA Google ip. so somebody have some more tips in off page or on page so please give me. I am already doing "link building , directory, blog commenting , classified, forum, social book, press release etc...I am waiting...
  10. M

    Earn money with a website

    Hello, I would like to know if there are good free ways to earn money with a website. Thanks
  11. piush

    Reciprocal links good or bad?

    i am confused about reciprocal links. some say they are bad as search engines see as negative. but when i use back link checker mostly all sites are using them for page rank. What do you think Search engines think of them Thanks Piush
  12. I

    Looking To Build Link Partners for SEO

    Hi Folks, I have 200 sites under my control and am looking to build link partners in Ireland to swap links etc.. Since this is an SEO forum thought be a good spot to meet Irelands Finest SEO'rs lol I have Domains with PR ranging from PR2 to PR7 New to the forum so just trying to get them...
  13. php.allstar

    SEO Help Needed

    I have an SEO problem that may be simple to fix with some guidance or may need a consultant to work with us so hopefully someone can give some advice on what to do. I am happy to hire a SEO consultant if required so if this is not a simple fix can you recommend anybody you have worked with...
  14. I

    Bulk Pagerank Checker Tool - Multiple Google PR Checker For Free

    This tool can check multiple Google page rank of any websites fast and easy for free. Just copy and paste all the domains inthe bulk pagerank checker box and click the start button. The Bulk PR checker will return the results within a few minutes depends upon the number of pages or domains...
  15. mneylon

    Tracking Rank Overtime?

    Can anyone recommend any tools that help track a site / page rank for specific keywords over time?
  16. W

    Canonical URLs

    I have a question hopefully you can help me out with. I am doing the SEO for a new site that is in development. Some of the pages are individuals profiles pages with unique URLs. The majority of the content on these pages will remain the same but for a small number of these pages some of the...
  17. F

    Need Advice and Help

    Hi All, I have not really posted here before but over the Xmas I have been looking closely at my latest website version. Can anybody give me some hints and tips on the way that I am trying to SEO the pages. Here is a URL of one of the pages that I am trying to SEO. As with most things the...
  18. T

    New SEO optimized web site costs?

    Hi, im new to the Forum as needed some advice, What cost generally (or how many hours ?) would you guys think it should be for a web marketing company to re-design a new site that is SEO Optimised. and what should be included for that cost......(hope this makes sense) :confused:
  19. S

    PR2 Diabetes Site | 11 Posts Unique Content | Unique Design

    Up for sale is FAQDiabetes dot com It is a PR2 Diabetes blog. It has around 100 uniques per month with about 1k page views. It does not make enough revenue to mention, but most of the adsense clicks are above $1 each. With the right promotion this site could be a real earner! This blog...
  20. M

    Submit URL to Web Directory

    Please Welcome Submit URL to Web Directory Increase website traffic to your web site.
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