pay per click

  1. G

    Submit Email Form

    I am planning to start a monthly newsletter for one of my sites so I am needing some code. Can anyone recommend any code that allows visitors to submit their email address. Also, if they do submit their email address is their anything that can be done to keep them on the same page they were...
  2. mneylon

    What's the most you pay per click?

    Using adwords, what's the most you have or would pay per click?
  3. G

    Members Blogs

    How bout a sticky with all the members blogs? Some good information in them. We all know Michele's: Michele Neylon :: Pensieri And heres my crappy one that no-one reads: Georgie Casey Any more?
  4. mneylon

    Pay Per Click - Useful Resources

    If anyone can recommend some resources I'll start a sticky list
  5. mneylon

    How Much Do you earn?

    Although the Google terms of service do not allow you to discuss specifics, such as clickthrough rates etc., you are allowed to discuss your overall earnings. So, if you are using Google Adsense, how much are you earning per month?
  6. mneylon

    Welcome - Introduce yourself

    Why not introduce yourself?
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