1. T

    Payment by secure cheque - how long?

    Hi, I am waiting on my Adsense earnings by secure cheque. Has anyone else used this payment method before with them, and how long does it usually take to arrive?
  2. mneylon

    Blacknight Warn Consumers Against New gTLD Pre-Registration

    June 30, 2011 – Carlow Ireland –Blacknight ( warn domain registrants to beware of companies offering pre-registrations in New gTLDs. Last week in Singapore, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), announced that it would launch a program to include...
  3. archiseek

    cart recommendations

    Hi I need a cart for a client who has 17 products, doesnt need to process payment, capable of displaying all products on one page, just take the orders, html email outputs etc I thought about opencart or zencart but theyre probably overkill - unless they really only take an hour or two to get...
  4. E

    Pay By Phone

    Can anyone advise how to implement Pay By Phone on a website. Ie customer buys on site and relevant fee is billed from theire mobile phone. I assume there is a provider within Ireland, but have not located any. Any help much appreciated. Regards Jen
  5. mneylon


    Has anyone got any experience of Home - Pixazza ? Looks like an interesting concept for sites with decent amounts of traffic that are image rich
  6. D

    Adsense Ads Have Disappeared from my Blog

    Hi All, I have a blog that I update using Blogger. It is not a big revenue earner but I am slowing growing the traffic. I have just noticed that my Google Adsense Ads are coming up blank. I have enabled these through Blogger and Everything looks normal in the Blogger Backend. Any ideas...
  7. mneylon

    Blacknight Solutions Warn of Domain Renewal Scams

    Domain space innovators Blacknight Solutions are striving to make the public aware of Domain Renewal Scams. Carlow, Apr 27, 2011 – Domain space innovators Blacknight Solutions (European Web hosting based in Ireland, exchange hosting, domain registration, dedicated servers, colocation -...
  8. B

    How much to charge for an Online Marketing Strategy?

    Hi, I recently been asked to evaluate a website & make online marketing recommendations. The company is a Driving Test School for Motorbikes, Scooters & Cars. From a quick overview I've come to conclude that the site is very poor in terms of content, information & sales direction. The...
  9. M

    New site feedback wanted

    Hey all, I'm new to web development and I've only really messed around with templates, but heres my first attempt at a site DreamMachinesIreland. I only hosted it two days ago and am looking for a bit of feedback.
  10. P

    Is it just me?

    I am seeking an SEO provider and was referred to SEO. It seems to me that these guys are saying they don't want payment until they have proved results with webpage positions in searches. Is it just me?
  11. B

    Cross AdMedia Network looking for website publishers

    Cross AdMedia is online advertising company in Hong Kong, and currently looking for the various publisher sites. We work with CPM, CPC and CPA, the sum of the performance of these three types of campaigns. If you are a publisher and looking to generate meaningful income, Cross AdMedia is able...
  12. andywozhere

    drawing up contracts

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone (especially freelancers) might share their experience of drawing up contracts or know of where to get info on drawing up contracts? Of course I know things are going to vary depending on the business and the nature of the work, but in general terms I was...
  13. G

    Reg .ie

    I have a personal interest or hobby website, non profit and its about 3 years old , I own the .com and .eu and now want to reg the .ie before some one else does. What's the best way of doing this should I try to reg it in my own name, its a bit of a waste registering a business name just for...
  14. O

    Pros and cons of using an external MySQL database?

    Hi All, I am working on a site where I may have to use an external MySQL database, in other words a database that is not with the same host. I have no experience with this and have read this can be done quiet easily by using the database IP address. I would however have a few questions...
  15. byronyasgur

    pci compliance and merchant accounts

    i was under the impression that pci compliance was not mandatory in ireland but was talking to someone in sage pay uk and he said it was .... can anyone say for certain .... are people building it in or not even if it isnt any pointers for the best place to get a merchant account ( im...
  16. A

    New way to use your content

    Good day. Proud to present you our project - paid archives What is ZIPMONSTER? ZIPMONSTER is a unique internet solution for file hosting that lets owners of websites, blogs, media portals or any other internet services earn money from file downloads. They key feature of that...
  17. C

    Hosting Costs

    We have a simple ecommerce site that went live in March 2010. We have just receive an invoice for ' Annual hosting and support fee for Jan 2011 to Dec 2011'. The invoice is for over Euro 500. Should the invoice be due for payment in March 2011? Should 'hosting' and 'support' be...
  18. madmaxpower

    Copyright of images on website

    Hi relative newbie here, I have a question about image copyright. On my website i have an images which i pulled off the web. I didn't take these images and who ever did has no idea I am using them, What issues am i likely to run into. Another set of images i have are covers of different...
  19. C

    mobile payment

    Hi I am looking for solutions for payment by SMS. Payment between EUR 1.5 and EUR 20. Initial market: France then international. Any ideas or experience is welcome. Tx Claude
  20. R

    Looking for someone to help with VirtueMart

    Hi everyone, Just registered today, came across the site while looking for help with my website. Hopefully somebody might be able to give me some advice. I have a website that has 100 or so products, all added individually. I want to add in maybe 1500 extra products from a particular supplier...
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