1. mneylon

    Pinterest Launch Promoted Pins in Ireland

    From their blog: Promoted Pins come to Ireland, Australia and New Zealand
  2. mneylon

    Instagram Software?

    I'm getting increasingly frustrated with the Instagram mobile app's limitations. Does anyone know of any apps that allow you to manage multiple Instagram accounts without having to login and logout all the time? I'd also like to be able to give staff access without having to share the passwords...
  3. stradecke

    is there any tips for more money making on adsense

    Help please some days i make $10 dollars a day and others i only make $1 on adsense with same amount of clicks. is there any tips to make more every day...
  4. B

    Ideas to maximize illustration / graphics?

    Hi, I am getting a collection of workflow illustrations designed for a printed brochure but I would also like to get maximum online exposure with this as well, any ideas? There will be 30 in total and essentially they will be like mini infographics - I am thinking either make the final brochure...
  5. cmccarra

    Selling Merchandise?

    Hi, I'm looking into selling merchandise tshirts, hoodies that kind of thing through a twitter account I have (35.2K followers at present) and was wondering if anyone has past experience with this eg. where did you get them printed, how much it cost, selling, shipping. Is it better do get them...
  6. mneylon

    Business Pages & Strategy

    Interesting article about Pinterest: What do Pinterest business pages mean for brands? | Econsultancy
  7. B

    Photographer' Services and Gallery - http:///

    Photographer' Services and Gallery - New website launched for Alejandro Bel, Photographer Alejandro Bel It is about a photographer offering his services and showing some of his works and projects. A tried to create a website where it can seen the bios and...
  8. mneylon

    Are You on Pinterest?

    Any of you using Pinterest for business or personal use? I'm here: Michele Neylon (mneylon) on Pinterest The company's here: Blacknight Solutions (blacknight) on Pinterest
  9. W

    SERP falling

    Hi All I've recently noticed my serp falling for "wedding video cork".Sepr no 4 I was looking at the competition and I've more backlinks going to my site. I think my site is well optimised. Any anyone could have a look and give me some ideas on improving the serp I'd really appreciate it...
  10. Eugenijus Mockaitis

    Free Google +1, Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes and Youtube Views

    Exchange system and here you can increase your site traffic and popularity. provides introductions to people looking to develop their social network on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Youtube. use coins to create the incentive for people to check each other out. When you...
  11. mneylon

    Social Media Marketing - Social Media For Business - Useful Links

    Twitter 101 for Business ? A Special Guide Social Media Expert Stud Guru Guy Coaching - Donkey Fluff - parody site Know any others? Reply below please (NB: this is not an excuse to plug your own site - seriously!)
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