1. mneylon

    Keyword density checking?

    Can anyone recommend any tools / services for checking keyword density on a site?
  2. G

    vBulletin hosting

    Can anyone recommend, from personal experience with vBulletin, a hosting company they are hosted with, that gives a nice, fast, snappy response in a vBulletin site?
  3. dreamweaver

    Rss feeds

    Hi all I am setting up a news site and was looking for a rss feed that will automatically grab rss feeds from other sites . I would like it to take the full article and then to give the articles source either at the bottom or top of article . Would have to suit Wordpress ! Any ideas
  4. D

    Problems with site after moving host.

    I dont know if this is the right place to post this, if its not, I apologise, please move it to the correct section, thanks. I moved my site to a new host. Kept the domain in the old, changed the dns settings to the new host. Now when I click on the sites name, I get the following This page...
  5. L

    Forget Groupon - build your own for $200

    Couponic - Groupon Clone - Group Buying Script - Daily Deal Software
  6. B

    CMS or self build

    Hi, I have tried using a few CMS in the past but always gave up and just wrote my own site with HTML, CSS and some basic php. I'm reluctant to use a CMS as I feel if I use something like Drupal I'm far more likely to be targeted by hacking attempts. Also, I don't like the idea of having to...
  7. L

    Stuck optimising wordpress website

    I have a wordpress website but I am having trouble getting it found on the search engines. I have SEO plugins added however even when I type some of the key phrases or sentences from the website, It shows websites where I have links or directory links but the website itself cant be found. I...
  8. J

    Need to build an Commerce site - Advice please?

    Hi, I need to build an eCommerce site to sell approx 20 products to consumers in Ireland. I am fairly computer savvy but know nothing about web development. I've looked at and got quotes from a couple of web development companies ( and Their prices vary from...
  9. trickobrien

    Zen Cart 1.5.0 RC1

    Going to build on a release candidate.Havent done this before.All the plugins (contributions) I need are functioning. What am I up against? Dr Bytes and crew have been working on the beta for almost a year,so Im hoping I wont have major problems.
  10. F

    Why Webmaster Culture Is Way Wrong

    As webmasters we spend way too much time thinking and talking about the wrong things. If you've been around the webmaster world for a bit, you've seen tidal waves of webmasters on many different forums struggling to get their online enterprises up and running. These efforts are expressed in a...
  11. P

    Sometime amiss with PageRank Values?

    HI all, I use SeoBook Toolbar Firefox, SEO for Firefox and SEO for Chrome and they are all showing PR of Zero for all sites - even Facebook and Google themselves are a big 0. Any ideas on whats going on - or is my machine broken :) Many thanks Paul
  12. mneylon

    Flickr > Wordpress Plugins? Specific Function Requested

    I know there are a LOT of Flickr plugins for Wordpress. At the moment if I post a photo from Flickr to a Wordpress blog it immediately publishes the post. Does anyone know of a plugin that will leave it in my draft posts so that I can tweak it? ie. add tags, categories etc? I'm not interested...
  13. D

    Hosted ecommerce store solutions

    I want to publish a webstore for a limited company. As this is a new venture with very limited funding I essentially want to get it up and running asap. I've looked a wordpress ecommerce plugins and shopping carts but I want to avoid dealing with technical issues. Ideally I want to pay for a...
  14. mneylon

    RSS > Wordpress Plugins?

    I've a couple of blogs that lend themselves to some level of automation eg. pulling in niche specific press releases and other content, though I need to be able to throttle the posting frequency and volume I was looking at FeedWordPress | simple and flexible Atom/RSS syndication for WordPress...
  15. mneylon

    Which Photoblog Plugin?

    I keep coming across Wordpress plugins (or full CMS) for running photo blogs Which one do people use and why? This one, for example, looks really good: PhotoQ WordPress Photoblog Plugin
  16. mneylon

    Firefox 5?

    Has anyone run into any big issues with the latest release of Firefox? (Firefox 5) A couple of the plugins / addons I was using aren't compatible, which is a bit annoying, but beyond that I haven't run into anything major yet
  17. H

    4 keyword myths busted wide open

    A cool article I pulled out from Alex Goad (promotedprofits dot com) thought you might enjoy First, here's what you should stop doing. If you're the type to only target keywords based on search volume... stop! Here are a couple secrets... 1. Google doesn't do a very good job of telling you...
  18. mneylon

    Good Affiliate Scripts?

    Can anyone recommend any good scripts / plugins for various CMS for affiliate marketing I know it's a vague query, but I keep finding people asking about scripts as opposed to linking to them :( I found this one for
  19. php.allstar

    .htaccess 301 redirect and wordpress

    Hi, I regularly post replies to people on here looking for help woth various php issues. Now however, I would like some help myself! I have updated my website to use classipress which is a classifieds ads theme for wordpress. Now I would like to point all the old links to their...
  20. F

    Hi All, I feel like a sadist here, inviting a good beating upon myself. Anyway after having my site Pipistrel Aircraft | Buy Pipistrel Microlights | Aircraft for Sale developed for me over 3 years ago I then proceeded to do nothing with it, thinking that was it! I started a course on digital...
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