1. N

    Facebook landing page/competition/increasing fan base

    What are peoples thoughts in terms of driving traffic/fans to you Facebook page? Would like to launch a successful campaign similar to Rimmel Ireland | Facebook who increased their fan base by 4000+ in a matter of weeks with their competition. Any idea as to how such success in increasing fan...
  2. M

    PPC is dead. Blimp ads are where it's at

    Seriously, blimp ads are the future, and I for one can't wait Google Blimp Ads - The next great advertising format arrives this May
  3. R

    SEO and PPC on Google

    I am certain that you have observed that it is turning to be a Google practice to be utilizing index results of PPC efforts as a method of conducting SEO services for clients. I am certain that this strategy will not be regarded unethical by a lot since Google itself has been applying this...
  4. B

    GoldenPages.ie Robbers

    I recently meet with an advertising rep from goldenpages.ie - I was looking to run an ad in there online additional of goldenpages for my painting website. I was basically just looking for a link. anyway....They were charging €2200 ex vat! The ad was alright - Somtn similar to a google places...
  5. B

    SEO / SEM Tools

    Hi, I came across these seo tools seomz & majesticseo. I'm just wondering do you / online companies use seo tools such as these? If so what tools would you recommend? or should I just do my own seo work & stay away from these tools... Majesticseo is interesting in that you can analysis your...
  6. andywozhere

    drawing up contracts

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone (especially freelancers) might share their experience of drawing up contracts or know of where to get info on drawing up contracts? Of course I know things are going to vary depending on the business and the nature of the work, but in general terms I was...
  7. T

    Facebook ads, any tips?

    Just trying out facebook ads for the first time. Any tips or advice? In particular using cpc or cpm?
  8. jogoeire

    Battling Clickfraud - how to i see further than the Hub at Wilton Terrace?

    Hi Webmasters, This whole click-fraud thing on Google is a bit disgusting. The a-holes at Google don't seem to give a damn when this is topic is raised. They provide no help via Adwords to battle clickfraud. They don't even give source IP's. Crazy stuff. So ive been working on the problem for...
  9. N

    Vps hosting for wordpress site?

    Hi All I plan on setting up a site soon and would like to get vps hosting with blacknight but i was wondering can i install wordpress from the back end, simple scrips(or can you get cpanel) I plan on getting the VPS Basic package and need to know if this could handle the traffic to the site...
  10. M

    Google Instant

    For anyone who wants to get an idea of just what kind of SEO headaches Google Instant is going to cause you, you can get a look at how it works by searching through your google account (assuming you have one), at Google. Although for the moment it's only global search results (and personalised...
  11. B

    recommendations for an Online marketing company in Dublin?

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any recommendations for online marketing companies in Dublin? 10+ staff... Thanks a mill:)
  12. Dotwebs

    More Digital - good idea or big fat scam?

    Hi, First of all, it's been a while since I visited the forum and it's looking nice and shiny new! :cool: My question: Has anyone here heard of More Digital? They contact website owners offering a flat fee for text ads to be placed in their website content. It looks like an interesting...
  13. L

    i'm just getting started with affiliate marketing

    i'm a new, any tips on the market?
  14. L

    Which is the best seo technique which will help promote my business ?

    Which is the best seo technique which will help promote my business ?
  15. C

    Find out what my competitors are ranking for

    Hi all, I am doing come keyword research and I have been using a the Google keyword tool to see how often a keyword is searched. I am also using SEOquake to see the keyphases my competitors are ranked for. Does anyone know any other good tools to use on competitors sites? Such as to find out...
  16. W

    PPC basics - how to get started

    PPC allows marketers to purchase paid links that show up beside text ads on search engines and other targeted websites. Results are guaranteed and measurable in terms of increased website traffic, lower acquisition costs, and improved return on investment. Google adwords is the best PPC...
  17. W

    tutorial - different methods of internet marketing

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Estimated 95% of internet traffic comes through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Msn. Market research - Get a fresh angle on industry profiles, competitor analysis, customer profiling, partnership opportunities, linking strategies... Keyword...
  18. W

    Top affiliate and PPC networks to look into

    PPC is all about Google Adwords - best because they cover 70% of searches and have the largest network MS adcenter is taking over yahoos traffic and is launching soon - will be a solid platform there are lots of other networks such as business.com, facebook.com, etc. but overall they do not...
  19. R

    donedeal.ie VS donedeal.ie/donedeal

    Why do donedeal.ie send their homepage to donedeal.ie/donedeal Is it for SEO or what? make their name appear twice? Get double the fun somehow?
  20. C

    PPC Agencies - What are the factors you consider before engaging with a new client?

    Before you decide to work with a new client, what sort of factors determine your decision? Is there a minimum monthly spend? Is the market sector a factor? Is the number of Keywords a factor? Is the clients understanding of PPC a factor? Thanks Kevin
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