1. I

    POP3 Email Retreival Problem

    Hello, I have encountered a problem when displaying Email retreived from POP3 enabled email accounts I am building a PHP program that will log into a specified gmail account on the click of a button, retreive all the emails in the inbox, and display the important details on sceen i.e. date...
  2. M

    SSL cert choices

    Looking at SSL certs for a new e-commerce site. Namecheap are offering validated Comodo certs from $35/year - - Comodo SSL Certificates - Business Validated. The InstantSSL seems to cover all the basics. Not sure what kind of questions I should be asking though. If I'm looking for...
  3. A

    support / out of office cover for sole traders

    I wonder if there are sole traders out there in the area of web design, who would be interested in setting up a small pool, which could cover support issues for others owners when they are away?
  4. J

    Eircom hosting problems

    Hi All I have been contacted by a client to develop a wordpress website to replace their existing static html site. They know what they want on the site (always nice) and wordpress seems well suited to what they need for the future. But..... Their current site is hosted on an eircom...
  5. archiseek

    wordpress caching plugins

    Any recommendations... What works best for you? I tried Hypercache but am getting lots of pages where I have to reload to view... not very satisfactory
  6. T

    Magento Proxy error 502 problems

    Hi Guys Have Magento installed here . We use Paypal Pro to accept payments, and onestepcheckout to simplify the checkout process. The site is constantly getting proxy errors displayed on screen. 1) When we log into the admin, we are often faced with this...
  7. andywozhere

    Audio on Facebook

    Does anyone know of the best way to add audio on Facebook? I'm trying to add a radio interview I've downloaded. I've tried linking to an mp3 file on the website, but no joy.
  8. B

    Can anyone recommended a reliable ecommerce hosting site??

    I know this topic has been discussed before, but seeing as things change quite fast in this world I thought I'd ask again. I am setting up a business selling beauty supplies and the majority of this will be done online. I already have a site with but this is just for the beauty salon...
  9. trickobrien

    Irish V American Hosting

    From a purely SEO perspective,would hosting a .IE domain in Ireland or America have any effect on search engines? I have a site that is starting to get busy (around 3,000 uniques a day) which at the moment is hosted in Ireland At least fifty percent of the traffic is from Ireland the rest is...
  10. B

    Facebookk issues? There up to something!

    The past 2 days I've noticed facebook messing around - anyone else notice? I just tried to log on & got 'account temp unavailable' error (see image). This is also worrying me A LOT there re-adjusting pages I think, in particular I noticed the 'suggest to friend' button was temporarily gone - I...
  11. S

    Digiweb win4 IP issues - move to Blacknight?

    Hey all, I have been with Digiweb for many years and have been quite happy with the service to date, I am using an advanced windows shared hosting plan. But in early January their win4 was hit with an IP attack and it took them a week to resolve - I have many clients sites on this platform and...
  12. W

    Facebook Telesales Spam Spam Spam!

    Well I am cross today! It's only 11.30am and I have taken at least 15 calls from agencies wanting to speak to the owner of the business regarding facebook. I don't want to talk to anyone ever again about facebook via the telephone, I have asked for my number to be removed from their databases...
  13. B

    Weird code on website. see image!

    I've been getting code placed on my sites, only the past couple of days - has anyone experienced this as well? I've been onto but i'm just waiting to hear back.
  14. T

    New affiliate site

    Hi guys, I've been working on this site for quite some time now and I believe it is ready to be used. I am aware that there are a few areas where it can be improved but with such a big project I have to set priorities. One of the biggest problems is poor quality if feeds provided making the...
  15. F

    Simple hosting query

    I am fairly new to hosting, I had to set up a domain controller on our server at work recently and I picked a domain name that is in use already. At the moment we can only get at the sites hosted on the server by typing in the ip address but I am just wondering; if I had given the domain a name...
  16. J

    One Click Installs

    Hi Guys What is the advanatges/disadvantages of Softaculous. I was going to install this on Plesk for my clients. Any problems I should be aware of? Michael
  17. P

    ASP: help with checkbox

    Hi All Sorry if this is a simple question to most of you but i really need help. I usually stay in the world of php, but I had to build a site on a windows server so all the forms handling etc. I did in asp. The thing is I have a html page that I need to have a checkbox on so that once...
  18. H

    Tradedoubler - Tracking Working / How are affiliates doing?

    Hello all, Just seeing if any affiliates would like to share their thoughts in relation to Tradedoubler and tracking of sales / leads etc. On one site of mine in particular, I've been building out various channels (it's getting about 4-5k uniques per day, mostly Irish), and promoting various...
  19. unrealindeed

    Whois Script lookup issue

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone had trouble with any whois scripts specifically with looking up the availability of .mobi & .eu? I found a script (the best one out of all I could find) that is simple & effect. I can have users search for the domain they want, including .ie's to check...
  20. M

    Problems editing posts

    I've had problems recently editing posts, browser just hangs for ages when I try to save the changes. I usually just give up and delete and re-post, which seems to work. Only noticed it the last couple of weeks. I've tried both Firefox and IE in case some odd plugin issue was causing problems...
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