1. C

    SEO and hosting in America

    Hi all, For cost reasons we are looking at hosting our website in America. We require hosting on a ColdFusion 8 server and companies in America are a third of the price compared to those in Ireland. I don't really want to move but we need to cut costs and this seems like an easy way but how...
  2. J

    Site suggestions www.bepositive.ie

    Hi guys! We we're hoping you could provide some suggestions for our new website bepositive.ie We set it up in the hope we could provide a site where people can nip in, be creative and feel the positive vibes.. So far we've told friends and have set up a Twitter account. We were hoping you...
  3. S

    Dedicated Server

    Hi folks. We are having regular problems lately with our current host who are generally very slow at getting things done. So the hunt is on for a new host where I can get a dedicated server. Either abroad or in Ireland, depending on price and spec. Here is what we currently get (roughly); Intel...
  4. koconnor

    What the World is Searching For on Google: Google Products, Hot Trends and Suggest

    Hi all, I have my new software, internetMONEY available for general release. You are getting three amazing marketing tools in one. Let the World show you what they are searching for! :D Software features: 1. Takes the top 100 Google Hot Trends read from Google Trends: Apr 28, 2009 2. Can...
  5. N

    HTML won't display in browser

    I am updating a site for someone. The site is made up of php files. The new site I'm doing is HTML. I have put a test folder containing images, css & html files onto the server. The only thing that doesn't show up is the HTML. I get a 403 forbidden. How can I solve this issue. I tried...
  6. S

    Business Networking : BNI

    Has anyone tried signing up with BNI? I went to one of their open days the other day. It was like a cross between an infomercial and a pantomime. Endless repetition of the basic points and the host insisted in audience participation. I half expected to see Louis Theroux standing at the back of...
  7. J

    Dragons Den - Ireland 09/04/09

    Ah Dragons Den... What amazes me is when these business entrepreneurs arrive in front of the panel and say "I am looking for xxx investment with a x return; this is to help me enhanced the business and SET UP A WEBSITE"! I mean come on, one of the first tasks of setting up a business is to...
  8. paintballer.ie

    Website banner valuation - the factors?

    Ok so you set up a nice little website and over the course of a year or two and picture this: You have built up its reputation, community and have a decent amount of traffic (say 30K unique/month and growing at 10%) You have quality content and articles You have invested close to a €1,000...
  9. G

    How to show actual html in a php page

    Hi all, I've got a quick question regarding php (newbie) I'm using htmlspecialchar to convet html characters into their entities for storage in the DB, how ever I want the returned text to actually show the html. I'm still at a learning stage so I've hand coded the following into the DB...
  10. F

    Someone to finish my website!

    Hi all, I had a website designed recently and can't seem to get it finished by the guy I hired to do it so I have cut my losses. Is is possible to get a web designer to finish someone elses work? Being in business myself, I would never take over a job started by another company but I don't know...
  11. kflanagan28

    Finding Duplicate content using inurl

    One of the sites I am working on suffers a lot from duplicate content due to the CMS. If I do site:domain.com and compare it to site:domain.com/* it would appear almost 90% of it resides in the Supplemental index. Although from what Google said in 2007 there is no Supplemental index. So I am not...
  12. T

    Does nobody search??

    Hi guys, Does nobody search google in Ireland at the weekend or something? Is it very quiet at weekends or am I spacing out?
  13. T

    So far? :)

    What do you think so far? Thanks :)
  14. S

    Euro Freelance sites?

    I was wondering if any one knew a freelancer website like get a freelancer that denotes prices in euros rather than USD If posible in englsih but if not its ok
  15. Z

    Forum error when posting or modifying a post!??

    Getting this when i try post or modify a post.
  16. T

    Wow PR 0 - 3

    Wow guys, PR 0 to PR 3 and ive only got 50 links so far and the domains is only few months old :) Sweet!!!
  17. S

    copyright quotes?

    does anyone know what the legal sanding and general practice is on quotes For example if I was making a site about Dublin and wanted a page of famous quotes on the city Do I need permission off the people
  18. mneylon


    AntiSpam.ie | An enterprise level spam protection system provided by Blacknight.com Any and all feedback welcome
  19. mneylon

    Cool Sites

    Cool Sites Pretty much what it says on the tin My totally subjective choices of cool sites :)
  20. Website Virgin

    Seo/ppc/desgin help needed

    Hi All, I am looking for some help. I have recently set up an ecommerce website and am now looking to get SEO & PPC work done. I have a webiste with seasonal goods, garden, xmas etc with approx 300 products. I am looking for some advice on companies that you would recommend to carry out this...
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