1. J

    Design review -

    Hello, I would appreciate some feedback about your initial impression for our website design/layout and the function of the site. Link: HD Wallpapers, cars wallpapers and abstract wallpapers Best Regards, Julia
  2. M

    Compare travel

    Hi I've launched the following site: Compare Holidays in Ireland | Compare Travel | Holiday Comparison Site All advice appreciated! thanks Magenta
  3. J

    Review and Critique for

    Hi, Give us some ideas or suggestions on how to modify the structure, design or how to promote our free movies online website: Best Regards, Julia
  4. J

    Site Review:

    Hi, is a celebrities resources site including : - celebrities quotes : fame and celebrities quotes and quotations; - timelines : fans, contributors and editors sort out the data and extracts the most important events and facts from celebrities lives for you to read only...
  5. M

    Directory submission

    Hi I've submitted a new website to search and browse directories and was wondering how long it generally takes to be added?
  6. K

    Site review

    I'd like ask You to review page and overall theme review and critique for one of my sites, MySecret Lingerie Store I have change something and need opinion. No action in store since start , :heart-borken: Thanks
  7. mneylon

    Product / Service Review mod for vbulletin?

    Has anyone tried this mod for vbulletin: Product Review Forums – Research, Reviews & Comparisons - Forum
  8. jakobia

    Please review my site

    I have created a new forum. • Index page Will it go with profit? What do you think?
  9. K

    New online shops.

    I'd like ask You to review page and overall theme review and critique for one of my sites, MySecret Lingerie Store ,Led bulb online shop Do i have mask nipples on the pictures? Are any rules about this issue? Thanks
  10. Ciprian

    Site Review Wanted -

    I'd like a SEO based review and overall theme review and critique for one of my sites, Welcome to Charles McCarthy Estate Agents. Cheers!
  11. Darren Meehan

    Gaming site review

    Its on old site I worked on a few years ago when I was learning the art of web design. I pretty much abandoned it sadly, but it gets 200 -300 visitors a day without any work. I'm going to spend a few hours a week, as well as the odd day working on it in the hopes of building an extra income...
  12. M

    Site Review Wanted

    Hi all, First post here. Looking forward to learning more about web-based marketing etc etc. Anyhow I'd love a review of my site: Market Swings | Stock Market Training & Education by Marcel Springorum All views welcome. TIA
  13. P

    Review my open source project

    Hello, I'm Andy from Germany. I created a PHP MySQL Forum with social network functions called phpBoard: - Free PHP Forum Now I would like to know your opinion about my Design and the Script. I made also an english version of the forum and you can take a look at the Demo. I look...
  14. mneylon

    Yelp and Other Review Sites

    Apart from niche sites, which review sites would you think are worth getting reviewed on? Does anyone in Ireland / UK really use Yelp for example?
  15. B

    Not sure if I need a domain name yet

    Hi - I am currenlty developing a new site for a non-profit organisation, it's based on Wordpress for content management. Their existing site is static and way out of date. I'd like to publish interim versions of the new site on the Internet so they can review it online and also allow them to...
  16. G

    Appropriate salary for a junior marketing executive

    Hi all, I just wanted to ask if anyone had any opinion on what's a reasonable salary for a junior marketing executive in Dublin. I'm in a bit of a hybrid role right now in an SME that involves web administration, graphic design and marketing (mostly online) and I think the role deserves a higher...
  17. mneylon

    Simple Review Plugin that works with Wordpress Multisite?

    Can anyone recommend a simple review plugin that generates the Google microformat stuff that will work with Wordpress multisite?
  18. mneylon

    "light" review plugin for wordpress?

    Can anyone recommend a "light" review plugin for Wordpress? I'm looking for something that can add the extra markup for reviews but don't want to go "full on", as only a small number of posts will be reviews, so all the extra features aren't going to be needed.
  19. T

    Website review -

    Hello to All! Please review dating site: - Free Dating in Ireland and Northern Ireland - Members Dating in Ireland
  20. overworked100

    Google says: Irish online pharmacies are BANNED from targeting the Irish market

    Hi guys, I'm a website manager for an Irish chain of pharmacies. I have just learned that Irish pharmacies are now BANNED from advertising online in Ireland on Google adwords. Has anybody any further information on this? This new policy applies to both Ireland and Poland. To be clear, the...
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