1. Zascar

    Which Forum Software to use?

    I've used PHPBB (v2) and I don't like it much. Loads of spam, add ons are difficult to install and its not really that powerful. I'm starting a new site and want to chose somehting else. Yes, I know vBulletin is the best but its just for a very small no profit site and I'm too tight to shell...
  2. mneylon

    When should you put adsense / other ads on a site?

    At what point in a site's development should you put adsense or other ads on a site? In the case of a blog, for example, should you wait until you have X page views per day or Y RSS subscribers? For a forum - same thing but obviously active members / posts per day Any thoughts?
  3. EdenWeb

    New blog - current or new domain

    A client of mine is starting an industry blog. I can't really go into details but it's a niche market with a substantial amount of traffic and the range of content for the blog is quite huge. It's just a case of deciding wether to tie it in with the current company/domain or register a new...
  4. EdenWeb

    The Designed Tree

    Does anyone RSS to The Design Tree? The Designed Tree Eire Studio has been adding some really nice sites to it. That logo has been doing the rounds though. Saw it in a property magazine last week and at least 2 other sites.
  5. 3

    thanks google

  6. EdenWeb

    Notification of new posts

    In the vBulletin control panel is there a global setting to be notified of any and all new posts and threads for all forums. I don't mean any new IWF posts but rather in the admin section of my own forum. Thanks
  7. G

    So now xml sitemaps are a bad idea?

    I've seen some buzz about this the last couple of days. Is it fair to assume that for now, at least, the xml sitemap pros still far outweigh the cons (and the professionals outweigh the confidence artists)? And is the consensus on these boards that the robots.txt file is the best place to put a...
  8. lostie

    Sitemap Feedback

    Hey ive done up two different styles of sitemaps for my site: Micromail Sitemap and Micromail Sitemap 2 Which one do you think I should use?
  9. T

    Eircom League Feeds

    First post here lads and its a question. Does anyone know where I can get online content/feeds only relating to the Eircom League. Have searched for hours and drawn a blank. Need them for a new site project. Cheers
  10. 3

    pagerank post-mortem

  11. david4ie

    For review : Irish car ad website + Blog

    Hello Site : I first started work on this web site at the beginning of June 2006. I have not put much time or effort into the web site to date, but I am planning a large marketing campaign. The web site has has been getting a reasonable amount of traffic from search engines and...
  12. F

    Very small business websites

    Hi I have been thinking about this topic and came across this article: Seth's Blog: Memo to the very small I don't think this is an approach I'd recommend but I do think that if I was a small non IT businessman I'd be so confused about what to do. Just a quick list of the things you...
  13. N

    For review: - Financial Products Comparison Ireland - it is a college project. As you'll see only the Saving section is mostly complete - I focused on this area and the rest of the general functionality of the site in order to get things coded as well as possible in one area before replicating to...
  14. daviddoran

    Work, basically.

    Hi everyone, As some of you may now I'm 17 and currently in 5th year of secondary school. The end of the school year is coming up around May 30th and from then I'll have ~3 months holidays. At the moment I'm looking into different temporary employment areas for summer and so I thought I'd...
  15. H

    Any webmasters here design financial websites? This may interest you.

    Hi All, I set up a new website a few months back. It is a new financial forum for Ireland and is in it's infancy. I have already attracted a fair few members and brokers considering how new we are. The site is - Irelands Financial Discussion Forum |compare mortgage rates | low...
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