1. S

    websites pages showing in cache, but content not in google

    Cached content of a clients homepage (and other pages of the site) are not able to be found in Google's index. How do it get it back in???? Detailed marine equipment, marine fittings & sailing gear - Garhauer Marine NZ Ltd When I check the cache of the page - it is a recent cache - I select...
  2. C

    Submitting sitemaps to Google

    Does anyone know whether submitting a sitemap to Google will increase the page rank of my sites pages other than the homepage etc? In other words will submitting a sitemap alone have any affect on my PR? Thanks
  3. O

    Looking for cinema listings feed

    Hi, i am looking for a live feed / RSS ... for the lastest films released in cinemas in Ireland, does any one know of one?
  4. A

    My Web Design Portfolio Site

    Hi, I would like to get some feedback for my little web design portfolio site Bear in mind I've only been doing web design for a year and I am still learning all the time so you could say this is a beginners effort. All comments welcome. Cheers
  5. J

    Hello, This is my Article and Press Release directory website : Article and Press Release directory, submit for free Please review , rate comment, and most important give any suggestions about how can i improve it. Regards,
  6. L

    Which is the best seo technique which will help promote my business ?

    Which is the best seo technique which will help promote my business ?
  7. BarryAlistair

    Feeds for Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn

    Hi, Just wondering if any one could give me a bit of guidance setting up feeds for Twitter / Facebook and LinkedIn. I'd like to republish links to items on a website. The website has an RSS feed, and republishing on LinkedIn is fine. The links are already manually posted on Twitter, and this...
  8. F

    Free Wordpress Theme: Casino Games

    CASINO GAMES Casino Games is a High Quality Wordpress Theme, excellent for any blog or gambling related site. it's dark red with stylish round borders, 3 columns and great design. demo - download - Widget Ready - Rss ready - Gravatar Ready - Xhtml and CSS Valid. - Widget Ready - Rss ready...
  9. A

    Hey all, First timer on IWF, though some of you may know me from other sites. I have opened the floodgates on a new website this morning called TOSBack | The Terms-Of-Service Tracker. Basically, what it does is allow you to track and see the changes in Terms and Conditions from Irish...
  10. P

    Need some advice

    Hi All I am building a website and i need to add in a blog, so that the owners can put up latest news etc from themselves. This is the only part of the website that they want to have control over ( the rest of the site will be static ) , the thing is that they want the blog to be as simple as...
  11. M

    Crop the end of RSS Title & the beginning of the Summary?

    I have managed to get my Facebook Status updates RSS feed on a site I'm working on, Latest News The Title and the Summary are currently displaying as the same thing. What I want to do is edit the PHP file so each RSS item title is cropped after a certain number of words and the summary text...
  12. mneylon

    Wine and Food Site - Soft Launch

    Been working on getting this site online for the last couple of days: Wine Discussion - - The Front Page It's using the new Vbulletin with CMS, so there's options for articles and blogs as well as RSS and other widgets It's currently using the default vbulletin 4 template, but that...
  13. L

    how to promote my websites

    Help plz im lookin for sugestions on how to promote my websites her they are in plain text im desperate iv tried evrything :confused:
  14. M

    How to get your Facebook Status Feed?

    Has anybody successfully managed to find their Facebook Status Feed? I am doing a Club website and I need to have the RSS of the clubs Facebook page appear on the site as well.
  15. mneylon

    Blog Aggregator Script ?

    Can anyone recommend a blog aggregator script? I've used Planet Feed Reader in the past, but it's a pain to add new sites to, as you have to manually ssh in, add in the details etc., The only one I'd found with a frontend broke when I upgraded to php5 (yes - that was a couple of years ago!)
  16. B

    Am I on the right track..?

    Hi folks, Im wondering if I could pick your brains to see if im on the right track with the SEO on my site... www . lostandfoundpetsca .com I have recently done the following... 1. Looked up keywords with low competition and tried to put them in my site on various pages. 2. Changed my page...
  17. Forbairt

    James Larkin released into the wild... :)

    Well I've gone and done it James Larkin - Freelance Web Designer / Web Developer / Graphics Guy / Marketing Guru Wannabe Has been released into the wild Themed up the site similar to my work site (different colours) and with actual content :D Let me know any feedback please either here or...
  18. M

    Archive RSS feed to webpage?

    I am working on a website for a club and I'm using to add the clubs Facebook RSS feed to the news page. I am wondering if there is a way of archiving each feed to a 'news archive' page once it drops outside the 5 latest status updates? Thanks
  19. andywozhere

    sitemap generators

    I was wondering if anyone might be able to recommend a sitemap generator for a large site? I was using Create your Google Sitemap Online - XML Sitemaps Generator but it has gone a bit askew since recent changes in the .ht access file... got me thinking if there is any difference between sitemap...
  20. R


    Found a bargain? Share it! I used vanilla forums, not sure about it now. Is the banner ok? I think its memorable at least.
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