1. A

    Add RSS to website (PHP)

    Hello everyone Any one can please tell me the best way to add RSS to my website.I don't want the javascript version, I want PHP for SEO purposes.I can create feeds etc., but I am unsure of the PHP code to run the script on the server. Thanks in Advance
  2. mneylon

    Is Your Business On Facebook?

    Since I guess quite a few of you have Facebook fan pages maybe people would like to share them? Feel free to reply with a link to yours and maybe a small description (not spammy please)
  3. A

    ping the search engine

    Helloevery one Pinging the Search engines regularly is good or not from SEO point of view. Which methods is used for pinging the SEs? thanks in advance
  4. S

    What is your favorite blog that you read daily and why?

    Do you read blogs daily and if so what is it that you like about it? I personally read and and they really help me to update my knowledge and shares some great tips.
  5. O

    How to use special characters in an RSS feed

    hi, I have an RSS feed for a French site, when French accents are used I turn them to HTML special characters but this throws an error. Does any one know how to use those, here the code I have: <item> <title>[CDATA[s&eacute;jour record]]</title> <description>[CDATA[s&eacute;jour record...
  6. S

    Proven Link Strategies That Work

    Found this Article about link building
  7. S

    Link Building Methods

    Hi there anybody who can suggest the best possible way of obtaining quality backlinks for my site… I am doing the old method like directories, articles, forum postings and blog commenting… I didn’t know about RSS thing, can anybody tell me how to do it and how this thing work?
  8. S

    Anyone here tried ??? I personally use it and have helped in developing it. I especially like it because of its out of the box SEO. It is nice to not have to think too hard about SEO, and just leave it to the package. RSS feeds, xml sitemaps, counting characters in the title and meta...
  9. B

    RSS feeds

    Let me start of by saying i havent got a clue about rss/xml feeds apart from the concept. What i want to do is add a feed from a third party site (say bbc news for example) so that it shows on my site. How and what do i need to do in order to accomplish this? As i said im clueless on this.
  10. B

    how to group send html/pdf Newsletter to HSE clients if text is their default setting

    I'm trying to figure out away to distribute our company's newsletter to clients within the HSE. My contacts there tell me that text-only emails are the norm and internet is restricted. Ideally I would have liked to have use constant contact because of the functionality it offers but even...
  11. S

    ad a cinema and TV feed to website

    Anyone now how I go about adding a TV and Cinema feed to a website similar to that of What coding is involved Thanks
  12. T

    Need help setting up an RSS feed.

    Firstly, apologies if there's a more appropriate place for this thread. I've set up RSS feeds before with wordpress and feedburner - couldn't be simpler. I'm now looking to set one up for Home - Today I Lol'd and am completely at a loss as to how to do it. I know it can be done, as several...
  13. T

    Advice for my new site -

    Hey guys, looking for some advice here. I've recently started promoting my new website - Home - Today I Lol'd It's going fairly well, but I need to promote in new ways. I've already created a facebook page and twitter account. I've also blogged about it. I've put it on my sigs on a few...
  14. R

    Promoting my website with a blog

    Hello all! I have a site that deals with surgery associates. I wanted to open a blog for it, and I wanted to ask you if you think it will be useful to open a blog for this kind of website, will it be useful? will it drive me more traffic? Link for a website that deals also with surgery...
  15. newmaster

    I need Google to re-index my site, how can I do this?

    I have recently (last Friday) done an overhaul of my site and did a substantial amount of work on creating friendly urls. This was not only for the standard pages but for every page (including the classified adverts) and now it will be the same when new adds are placed as it has been created...
  16. G

    Wordpress Plugin Recommendation

    Hi Lads, Just wondering if someone could recommend a plugin for wordpress for me. What I'm looking for is a hacked dashboard for certain users. Basically I've a site karaoke youtube where I want users to add a link to you tube and select a category. Click submit and voila. So instead of...
  17. mneylon

    Facebook Page RSS?

    Does anyone know if Facebook pages have any form or RSS / Atom?
  18. mneylon

    [freelance] CMS build at Webmaster

    Location: Ireland Description: Hi there, looking to get a quote for the construction of a custom cms. This would allow approved users write a text story and attach a rich meda file to the article as well as text or a photo from a web interface. The author would then publish the...
  19. P

    custom build and joomla update required

    Hi there, 2 queries 1- looking to get a quote for the construction of a custom cms or one fashioned from open source. This would allow approved users write a text story and attach a rich meda file to the article as well as text or a photo from a web interface. The author would then...
  20. O

    Looking for a weahter feed (ireland) for website

    Hi, one of our clients is looking to add a weather feed with the Irish weather, I have looked on the internet but did not find any Irish site, I was hoping RTE or so. Does any one know of any? Many thanks
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