1. mneylon

    IWF On Twitter

    Since so many of you are probably already on Twitter I've created an IWF Twitter account: IrishWebmasterForum (iwfie) on Twitter It will "post" the latest threads to the stream via : feed your blog to twitter - post RSS to twitter automatically
  2. mneylon

    Preventing Image Hotlinking - Which Domains To Whitelist?

    One of the sites I run has quite a few high quality images on it (I get them from the PR companies) Unfortunately , as happens so often, scumbags are hotlinking to a lot of the images. Now obviously I'm not worried about bandwidth costs, but I am rather annoyed with these lazy scum abusing...
  3. LoadedNapalm

    Blogs - Which directories do you submit to?

    Hey all! Just wondering which directories do people submit their blogs to seeing as there is a whole lot of them! Do people actually pay to submit to directories? Free is best :)
  4. vladimir

    my blog's rss is not parsed near my profile

    Hey admin, your forum feature which suppose to parse my blog's RSS feed is showing a warning. Good to have it fixed. Vladimir
  5. figment

    RSS settings in Wordpress

    I need to include content from custom fields into a wordpress rss feed. In this case Beautiful Email Newsletters the thumbnail, url and full image are all being placed in 3 custom fields. However the feed is only showing title and date Beautiful Email Newsletters Does anyone know how i can...
  6. W

    What's wrong with this landing page?

    I've looking at my analytics and am struggling to understand why the bounce rate for a particular term is so high (50%). I have an Adwords campaign for searches for Lego that takes you to the following page: Lego at I don't understand... they arrive because they are obviously...
  7. J

    Domain Trader v2.0

    Is anyone familiar with this software? What I am looking to do is pull the feature domains list and having it post directly onto my WP blog on the same server. They don't have and RSS feed creation feature, so I am thinking I would have to create some sort of widget, or maybe an I-frame...
  8. J

    WP Blog and Vbulletin integration question

    First of all, hello.. I found this site through a google search on the subject line question mentioned above. What I would like to be able to do is find a plugin for WordPress that will display recent forum posts from my Vbulletin board (both are located on same server) I found a couple of...
  9. kjt

    Helping people find my blog

    Good evening ya'll, I wasn't sure to put this here or under the blogging forum. If anybody has a spare minute could you check my blog and see if I could optimise it any better? What have I done? I've coded up to 508+AAA standard with a few little things to be changed. Have a few links back...
  10. R

    CMS for Boat Classifieds script

    Hello :) I glad to present a new 2.3 version of reefLESS Boat CMS classifieds software.:p Front End Features Unlimited category levels new Category description (with images and formated text) new META data for each category, this feature will make each category more SEO friendly...
  11. J

    Blogs as publicity

    I read somewhere that somebody (I have really bad memory) was doing publicity through blogs, he wrote articles and they got read a lot depending on how much effort he got into it. Is that entirely legal, or is it really effective? I’d just like an opinion in case one of you has experience on this.
  12. kflanagan28

    Error message when I post

    Hey Just wondering. Why do I get this message when I post on here (down the left hand side) Frontpage User Recent Blog: [CaRP] Failed to open file: Searchbrat Blog Search Engine Optimisation, Conversion Optimisation and Online Marketing in Ireland
  13. mneylon

    Job Vacancies

    If you have any job vacancies (freelance, parttime and full time) please post them to Technical Jobs in Ireland - Irish IT and Technology Jobs They *should* be pulled into this site automatically, though I'm currently having a bit of a fight with vbulletin about it :)
  14. mneylon

    Aweber vs Campaign Monitor vs ?

    I'm currently assessing options for handling an email newsletter. I want to use a 3rd party service, but I'm really not sure which one to go for. Campaign Monitor looks like it has all the options and features I need, however they bill based on the number of emails you send, so it could get...
  15. G

    Hosting 365 down at the mo :(

    FYI anyone who has sites hosted there. G
  16. Fintan

    Ideal Affiliate Programme

    Hi Guys I'm building an affiliate network and have a list of things I want to be able to give /do for affiliates in order to maximise returns. Assuming no restrictions, what would your ideal affiliate programme do / provide for you? What do other programmes you work with do that you like...
  17. A

    Monetising: choose between a website or blog?

    Hi all If you had the choice, which would you do; start a website or a blog, if your goal was to make money from it? The reason is that I'm currently making money off-line (about 100 euro per month) by recommending a service to individuals (in Ireland) and I'm getting paid for referring...
  18. kflanagan28

    Creating websites using your RSS Feed

    Hey, Second question hurrah. Wondering if anyone could settle a debate for me regarding duplicate content. I am a keen watcher of Howie Schwartz black hat techniques, if nothing more, than for a bit of comedy (the guy is great at what he does). So I try to keep up on what is black hat and what...
  19. E

    New Website Launch |

    Hi All, Good news a TradeDoubler publisher launched a new site this morning. Check it out... After nine years of covering breaking technology news at, we have watched our readers' appetite for gadget-related stories and product reviews grow...
  20. W

    Proven ways to get PR up for new site?

    Not offerring any, looking for some. I just launched - see sig for linky, forum won't let me post link because I'm a noob! Anyone that runs a website is familliar with the 1000s of emails per day you get advertising directory listing/blasting services etc... I'm wondering...
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