1. P

    Blog Aggregator

    Gentlemen, I need to create a blog aggregator where blog owners can summit there blogs for free. Please which software is the best for this project, i want a paid software because the free ones don't have a regular updates. Thanks.
  2. D

    Doox CMS 3.0 just released. Content management system based on AJAX

    We have just released our latest product, Doox CMS 3.0. includes many great features which will allow webmasters manage content online from anywhere and Reduce expenses on supporting projects. What is Doox CMS? Is a unique tool for creating and maintaining a web project. DooxCMS Allows to...
  3. mneylon

    IIA Net Visionary Shortlist Announced - Voting Opens

    Irish Internet Association - Net Visionary - Vote I've been nominated 3 times :) (woohoo!!!) and you should recognise a few of the other names on that list ..
  4. S

    RSS Backlinks

    Check out this rss feed of 6,000+ backlinks, is it actually going to help people? I would think it does, because having this many links to build on instantly available is a good thing! I don't know much about blogs, and I think that having this type of rss feed for bloggers is good. Why not have...
  5. Dotwebs

    New blog on the block

    I've added a blog to the latest edition of my site- - put it live today :) and I'm wondering about (perma) linking to other blog sites. Is it acceptable to add links to people's blog sites without telling them or so people seek permission first?
  6. mneylon

    Transferring Ownership of an IE domain

    Unfortunately you can't sell IE domains in public I think I know which one you are referring to :) He'd have picked it up off the deleted list
  7. n3tFl0w

    RSS links...

    Sorry but are the latest RSS links gone permanently? The ones that used to be in the header of each post, underneath the username? I found this really useful for seing what other members were talking about?
  8. L

    2 things

    Firstly I've gone back to the default skin until the new design is finished (if that matters) for this forum but I'm constanly getting this message. Im sure somethings are private but the webmaster disscussion forum? and plenty more. Last night I had to leave the forum beucause I repeatly kept...
  9. mneylon

    Is Microblogging Killing Blogs?

    Are microblogging services like twitter, jaiku, pownce etc., killing blogging?
  10. gav240z - Built on Drupal 5

    Hi Everyone, I wasn't going to post about it yet as I'm having some IE6 issues, but I figured now is as good a time as any to give feedback. 1.) I know there are some broken links - i only launched it last night. 2.) The front page posts are a bit of a mess - I'm still learning Drupal 3.) Well...
  11. F

    Hi Everybody

    Just joined and am a bit stupid when it comes to forums. Is this forum a place where we can promote our business and business ideas. I don't want to be doing the wrong things. For example if I wanted to let people know of our services in a blog type disucssion is that OK.
  12. n3tFl0w

    RSS detection...

    maybe the wrong place to put this but how and ever.... How does one format the RSS link on your page so that browsers can detect it?
  13. D

    CMS solutions - so many to choose from

    I'm searching for a CMS solution for a community-based website consisting of the following features: Blog/News & Reviews section Forum Shopping cart/product catalogue - probably the single most important aspect Easy customisation using templates RSS Feeds A centralised...
  14. Z

    RSS Feed Strange Characters

    Can someone advise me on how to remove these strange characters in my feeds, in FF3 unknown characters show up and IE 7 wont even render the rss page, throws an error!? RSS Feeds - Irish Gaming Newtork - Wii | DS | PS3 | PS2 | PSP | XBOX | XBOX 360 | PC | MAC
  15. T

    A handy feed analysis tool

    Link is here. You put in your RSS feed url and receive some graphs showing your growth in hits/subscribers over time, and a valuation for your blog.
  16. Fintan

    Append Affiliate ID to RSS feeds

    Anyone got a foolproof way of appending an affiliate ID onto an rss feed? Or even point me in the right direction? ######## Sorry was meant to post this in the coding section, please feel free to move
  17. Forbairt

    Latest 5 threads ...

    Is it just me or is "Latest 5 threads ... taking up a bit too much real estate ? is the first line of the message of that much use ??? "Any one else get spammed by this lot? Return-Path: X-Original-To: xxxx..." That said maybe its just me not liking it
  18. Spiralli

    Integrating third party mashups

    I see the value in the mashup APIs such as Yahoo Pipes, google mashup, etc. just in terms of saving time. I'm wondering what is the best ways of incorporating mashups I construct on (say) Yahoo Pipes into my own domain, so it integrates into the site skin. Some (most?) of them seem to offer...
  19. 3

    wpress rss syndication

  20. W

    Interesting rss feeds

    Anyone know of any interesting/quirky rss feeds for use on a forum. Im already running feeds from RTE, ENN and Wired. However Im looking for something a little more off the wall. E.g. Comedy Central Joke of The Day is one I just started last night. The feeds above have started some...
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