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  1. G

    Site Review - MedRevision.Org

    Hi Lads, Looking for a review here, if something is wrong suggestions for improvements would be good. Online Revision for MCEM Part A and B and Physician MCQ exams Thanks to a few of ye there for helping me out putting this one together too. //Gary
  2. littleBird

    How to start a virtual conversation?

    At the beginning of this year I purchased an existing forum, specific to CSS. Narrow and geeky topic yes but so is most of the internet! My initial aim was actually to go through the process of purchasing a site from a marketplace and see what happens... Many months later and the forum still...
  3. G

    Site Review of

    Hi Lads, Long time no post, settling into Melbourne ok for those who are interested. Anyone know of any good jobs over here let me know :D If people have time I was wondering if I could get some opinions on Physician MCQ Exam Guide it's another one of my sites similar to Mcem and CEM Exam Guide...
  4. W

    Proven ways to get PR up for new site?

    Not offerring any, looking for some. I just launched - see sig for linky, forum won't let me post link because I'm a noob! Anyone that runs a website is familliar with the 1000s of emails per day you get advertising directory listing/blasting services etc... I'm wondering...
  5. U

    Site Review

    Hi Can you please review my link structure? Bear in mind I am blind so hence the lack of graphics, etc.
  6. S

    Brabazon site review

    Hi lads/ladies Just looking for some comments on a new design I have done for solicitor. Still only half the content included but interested in peoples thoughts be nice.....ish
  7. bearaman

    Site Review for - online web directory for Irish web designers

    Hi All, Time for the review of my site, It's a web directory for Irish web designers and professionals. It's categorised by county so eventually you should be able to search for web professionals in your county. There are two types of listing available - basic which offers a free...
  8. mneylon

    Useragent in forum post

    This might be useful for the site review section or similar where you want to know which browser the person is viewing the site in: Append User Agent String to New Threads and Posts - Forum
  9. N

    Site Review - CBB

    Hi guys, first post :D Just want to ask all you people that know a thing or two about webdesign to review my site, give feedback, whatever. CBB (my first proper website) Basically, it's a website of a company that a few of my friends from school set up last year in TY. We have decided to...
  10. S

    Site review for newbe to iwf

    Hi this is my first post on this site so howde all. I have recently setup a new site and I'm not 100% sure of it to be honest only recently switrched to tableless design so I need to tweak it a fair but but am really interested in what you have to say. Karl Herbert Professional Golf...
  11. L

    changing domains URL for international sites

    Hi again, sry, i seem to be asking more qtns than helping people lately.. We've recently set up an irish site with the end of the domain being .com/ie but we are now looking into setting up a uk link and a us link. Our initial plan was to use the same site which is .com but then add the...
  12. ButtermilkJack

    Site review/Test on PC browsers?

    Hi guys, at the moment I have no access to a PC to test a new website so I was wondering if someone could take 5 mins just to throw it up in IE6, IE7 and Firefox on a PC just to let me know if there's anything obvious jumping out. LARA Ireland | Home Any other comments also welcome!! Much...
  13. V

    Site Review/ some feedback would be great

    Hi, Any feedback on my new site Your Online News Stand, Collecting The News From Around The World would be great. Am trying to collect the worlds news into one place. Thanks very much, Vinny
  14. S

    Site Review - An Online Drawing Site

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you could give me any honest critism (from SEO, Design or any other factors) for the site: Sketchplanet It's an online community sketch site, where you can draw, tag and comment on drawings. There are currently 25k drawings and 5k users. Thanks!
  15. S

    About RSS feed integration

    Hi folks, I'm prepared publishing RSS feed from other websites w/o modified but have no idea how to start. On Internet browsing I discovered some websites mentioning "sign the contract and you'll have news publishing on your website in 5 minutes". I hesitate whether it would be so easy. Just...
  16. D - site review

    Here's my new site Mortgage | Mortgages | Mortgages Ireland | Mortgage Ireland | Irish Mortgage Rates | Irish Mortgage Calculator -, theres one or 2 pages to finish but mostly it's done. Any comments/suggestions appreciated.
  17. G

    Site Review:

    Hello, I am looking at ways to improve my forum - Connecting the Life Sciences. It is a 100% Irish owned forum aimed at the Pharma,Medical Device and Biotech Industry. It is averaging about 400,000 hits per month. I was wondering how can I improve the site and...
  18. B

    Site Review

    Would invite critical (+/-) comments on new site which is nearing completion. Owen Chubb Landscapers - Maintenance Thanks
  19. G

    Charging for SEO

    Question came up in another thread and Jill Whalen has just covered it, for anyone unfamiliar with JW she's been around a LONG time, is generally well known/regarded within the industry, and her prices reflect this :-) Charging for SEO Services » HRA - Jill Whalen
  20. figment

    Beta test Spot the Ball app.

    A simple little app to create a spot the ball competition for your own site to attract more visitors and get them to come back. A little rough round the edges but I am looking for testers and feedback. Sheepstealers - Spot the ball demo - Beta UPDATE: New link RudeBall Game Engine - Create...
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