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  1. P

    Review my open source project

    Hello, I'm Andy from Germany. I created a PHP MySQL Forum with social network functions called phpBoard: - Free PHP Forum Now I would like to know your opinion about my Design and the Script. I made also an english version of the forum and you can take a look at the Demo. I look...
  2. mneylon

    Do Your Cross-Post Your Blog Content?

    Just curious to know if people actively cross-post their blog content / articles etc., to social media sites and if so which ones
  3. mneylon

    Google+ Pages?

    So I assume most people are aware that Google+ "pages" has launched .. Has anyone setup one for their business or anything else?
  4. Eugenijus Mockaitis

    Free Google +1, Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes and Youtube Views

    Exchange system and here you can increase your site traffic and popularity. provides introductions to people looking to develop their social network on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Youtube. use coins to create the incentive for people to check each other out. When you...
  5. M

    New UK Social Network website

    Would appreciate any feedback on uk social network Im going to be glad of any errors spotted or suggestions for improvements. Thanks
  6. M - New e-commerce site selling travel size toiletries

    Would appreciate any feedback on"][/URL] Some SEO stuff (title tags etc) and T+C still outstanding, but other than that I be glad of any errors spotted or suggestions for improvements. Thanks
  7. M

    Set of contact icons?

    Anyone recommend a decent set of contact icons (free for commercial use)? Nothing fancy, just something that include facebook, twitter, phone and e-mail Or even what I should be googling - "social media icons" give me sets that don't include phone and e-mail, most of the "contact icons" sets...
  8. S

    Need web help please!!!!

    hi, i starting two projects soon ,A gaming website and A social network website but my main focus is the gaming one becuase i want to luanch it before the big game titles are released so attract more traffic so iam looking for people to help me design it and mantain it .i am new to web design...
  9. B

    Business to Business On Facebook

    Hi, I have a client that wants to concentrate mainly on B2B on facebook. I'm finding it very difficult to provide an online marketing service that's consists of B2B. Does anyone have any advise on this? Good Blogs out there? etc etc... To be more specific the client is a Print Company trying...
  10. mneylon

    The Social Network?

    Has anyone seen this yet? It seems to be getting very good reviews, but isn't showing in the local cinema here :(
  11. M

    Magento integration with Facebook

    You may have already become a member of an open social network like facebook. You also may have owned an online store on these websites. Thus if you find any interest, try using our new product named Facebook Product Directory, which will certainly support a lot for your product advertising...
  12. byronyasgur

    social network system

    hi - i am looking for some kind of pre built system that i can build a social networking site on. I had a go of dolphin a couple of years ago and wasnt amazingly impressed and i have heard that it is buggy with slow support --- but something along those lines i suppose. I know there are a few...
  13. S

    Any clever ideas out there?!

    Hey all, I've been approached by a solicitor to overhaul his existing website. He has asked me to look into any site additions other sites within the industry are doing - example - Skype link etc. Needless to say, I'm going to look myself, but wanted to ask here if anyone has seen any clever...
  14. zash20

    I have recently launched this free arcade gaming site and forum. Please review my
  15. E

    Social networking

    Hey, does anybody have any tips on how to effectively use social networks such as twitter, facebook etc. There are many posts about the internet about how it is usefull but not many about how to actually use them to your business' advantage. Cheers, Stuart
  16. F

    New charity seeking assistance

    Hi Everyone, We are an Irish charity trying to promote a global event in aid of a very worthy cause. We are attempting to create a technology assisted social network with all those lovely buzzwords (Blogging, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) inspired by the Obama election campaign. The event itself...
  17. U

    link to child safety site

    Hi guys just wondering if any of you will link to - a parents guide to the internet and keep children safe online there are a few small banners on Besafe:: Link to Us and they just say "we support child safety with" I would appreciate any help if you...
  18. M

    New Site:

    I started playing with, and before I knew it I had built social network. It's still very empty though. ConversionR - For SEO, SEM, Affiliate and Conversion Marketing Freaks
  19. G

    Vbulletin Conference / Social Network Confernence

    Has anyone attended conferences on VBulletin and/or Social Networking? I am new to the area and would like to research it further and get the latest info in this sector. Can you reccommend a conference in the UK or USA worth going to?

    I took the plunge and bought vbulletin

    I just took the plunge and bought a vb license. I also bought project tools and the blog feature while I was at it for the craic while I was at it. I saved a few quid also I think, the currently option is weird. The wanted $300 for the lot ( €240 ish) or you can select to pay in pounds which...
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