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  1. trickobrien

    Video Hosting

    If I want to stream mp4 video from my site,what options are available.Do I need specific hosting for this? I would be interested in looking at alternatives in terms of video sharing site (but dont want ads)
  2. J

    Irish Holiday Home website

    Hi All I have been working on Irish Holiday Homes | Irish Holiday Accommodation direct from the Owners | Self Catering Holiday Property in Ireland | Featured Holiday Homes 1 and would like to hear your views on it. The idea is for people to take control of renting their holiday property...
  3. S

    5 Tips for Effective Email Copywriting

    Just Want to This.... I got this from other forum.... The quality of email content is one of the core factors in determining whether an email marketing campaign succeeds or fails. But successful email copywriting is an art — rather than a science — making it different from most other forms of...
  4. A

    Back2Skool - Viking Direct Special Offers

    Amazing Back 2 School offers from Viking Direct At Viking Direct we bring a selection of the amazing offers on your favourite brand of products. We have some amazing deals to aid your promotion. Time flies by, and again the school summer holidays are almost over. So to help out we've put...
  5. EdenWeb

    Keeping track of SEO changes

    Ranking some of my clients really well in competitive markets for their keywords. Most pages are ranking well within page 1 and 2 in Google and Yahoo yada yada yada... However, I've few pages in each site that need further tweaking and I want to optimise these incrementally several times over a...
  6. A

    Latent semantic analysis

    Latent semantic analysis or Latent semantic indexing (wiki) I was wondering if anybody has had success or failure with applying the principles of LSI to their web pages. I have been tracking a couple of pages mine (after making the relevant changes) to see the effects in the search engines. I...
  7. mneylon

    Any Online Gamers?

    Do any of you play games online? I'm a Battlefield addict :)
  8. Cormac

    Who do you host with?

    I have hosted with 1and1 before but since then i'm hosting with Blacknight > Irish hosting Ireland, hosting ireland / web site hosting Ireland / domain registration, dedicated servers, colocation - Blacknight Solutions: Blacknight Solutions and with EuroVPS > VPS hosting servers (Virtual Private...
  9. Z


    Your feedback will be much appreciated. The site is live at the moment but its version 0.8. The logo is just generic for the time being...no need to comment. Thanks in advance for your advice & time. PC & Mac Repair Service - Computer Maintenance - Dublin
  10. L

    Visual Web Developer Competition

    who's running this competition advertise on your website?
  11. mneylon

    SEO Links

    Useful links for search engine optimisation, submission and tracking: SelfPromotion Live PR | Live Pagerank | PageRank Prediction | Future PageRank | Check Your PageRank Let me know of any other useful links and I will add them to the sticky
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