1. T

    JSN Epic is a clean and professional Joomla! template

    JSN Epic is a clean and professional looking one of Joomla business templates designed mainly for corporate websites. Equipped with powerful features, it allows you to present content in whatever way you like. The large array of customizations gives you more control of the look and feel without...
  2. O

    Wordpress single page theme suggestions

    Hi All Does anyone have any Wordpress single page theme suggestions - ideally free! many thanks AP
  3. M

    Media Group - Responsive WordPress Theme

    Media Group is a simple modern, clean, responsive WordPress theme. Live Demo: demo.mediagrouptheme(dot)com Download Theme: mediagrouptheme(dot)com/ Theme Features: * 2 Columns * Widget ready * Right Sidebar * Responsive
  4. M

    Please Review my News Site

    I launched a news site Latest World News, Online News, Breaking News, please share your reviews about my site..
  5. A

    Full service Drupal agency

    If you need custom web site or modul for Drupal CMS - we have an answer - Adriadrop is full service Drupal agency which will do for you Custom web sites based od Drupal, redesign or new theme, custom modules or scaling web sites and optimize VPS For list of references or...
  6. T

    Asteria Lite - Free WordPress Theme

    Asteria Lite is a clean responsive theme with a beautiful slider, Narrow and Wide Layout Option, 10 Social Icons and 3 page templates - Full width page, Left sidebar page and a Blog page Template. The theme also allows you to design your site logo with 600+ fonts. The Theme also has a...
  7. W

    Side Scrolling Wordpress Theme

    Anyone know of a Wordpress theme (premium or otherwise!) which will allow me to build something similar to Imaginista Branding Inc. or Omkaar Kotedia Photography | Home ??
  8. W

    Will this theme work well for adsense placement?

    Hello, I'm starting an information based website using the Gampress wordpress theme. WordPress ? GamePress « Free WordPress Themes It only has one sidebar and I'm wondering whether or not it will work well for emdedding adsense ads. I have lots of conent ready to go but...
  9. W

    Second (left) sidebar in wordpress GamePress Theme???

    Hello, I need a plugin or a some idiot proof instructions for adding code to my theme to create a left sidebar on the Gamepress theme (only comes with right sidebar). Can anyone help me ? Thanks
  10. S

    wordpress content hack

    hi does anyone know how to effecently block pharma hacks on wordpress posts i have seen the following info posted on some of the posts on the site <!--82ec1451--><a href=""> Buy Windows 7 Ultimate</a> <a href=""> Cheap...
  11. W

    Choosing the right Worpress Theme

    Hello, I am currently in the process of setting up an information based website. I have signed up with Bluhost and am trying to decide on a theme. I would prefer to use a free theme but if a paid one gives me many more options for developing the site later ( adding video / galleries etc.)...
  12. K

    help with online store

    Hi i don't know if i am i right place , looking for solution for my problem , i made some mess on my site any advice will be hlepfull. Thank
  13. C

    Cloud Hosting for ecommerce site

    Firstly Hello and this is my first post so forgive me if I've got it in the wrong place or somehow messed up :distrust: Just to set the scene. I am not in anyway technical but along with a (very patient) freelance web designer have built a really lovely site on a Magento Perfect White theme...
  14. F

    Wordpress Arcade Game Theme with bots

    Hello friends, I will sell my best wordpress game theme. Theme Demo : For Bots... username : demo password : demo SEO score : 100 / 98 Page Speed : 100 / 92 Price : 30 $ Payment via Paypal
  15. S

    Conflicting opinions about my website,

    Hi Everyone, I would really appreciate impartial opinions on my website: I know very little about computers in general so I have to depend on others to make decisions for me where my website is concerned. My site was given a makeover some months ago and I was told by the person...
  16. B

    Worpdress pulgin to customise CMS side bar options?

    Does anyone know of any WP plugins to customise the side bar options within the CMS? (please note I'm not talking about widgets or customizing side panel of the web pages). I'm talking about the actual CMS side bar settings. I recently purchased a theme that had a Gallery option but because I...
  17. Ciprian

    [WordPress Plugin] ImagePress

    Hey guys, I've just finished my next WordPress plugin, and I want to give it a spin. ImagePress is a multi-purpose fully-featured and WordPress-integrated image gallery plugin. ImagePress can be installed on any WordPress site. The plugin has a nice demo here - ImagePress » getButterfly -...
  18. Y

    Review for new responsive design of

    Hi Folks, I posted on here last summer about festivals site I launched about festivals in Ireland, UK and Europe - Just last Sunday we have launched the new design, which uses responsive techniques to re-size on mobile, tablet and other screensizes. Would love to get unbiased and...
  19. T

    Site Stuck

    I'm new here - I've had a look through many of the posts and to try find an answer to my question but I can't seem to find it. I set up a site about 4 months ago and designed it myself (you can probably tell!)- it was ranking really well with Google for some key words and now it's dropped like...
  20. M

    Wordpress 3.5

    I just logged into my wordpress install and found a notice to the top that wordpress v3.5 is now available. Did anyone upgrade yet? How did the upgrade go? Just checking, but did it break any plug-ins for anyone that upgraded?
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