1. B

    Ideas to maximize illustration / graphics?

    Hi, I am getting a collection of workflow illustrations designed for a printed brochure but I would also like to get maximum online exposure with this as well, any ideas? There will be 30 in total and essentially they will be like mini infographics - I am thinking either make the final brochure...
  2. W

    24Option Affiliate Program - Binary Options Marketing

    So over the past 3 months I have been sending my website traffic to 24Option, to see how my traffic works for Binary Options. The result has been amazing! I have been making over $3,500 per month since I switched, and I couldnt be happier. Do yourself a favor and try out Binary Options, with...
  3. B

    Advance Systems Extend Their Turnstiles Range

    Advanced Systems, Ireland's leader in employee management services is delighted to announce they have expanded their turnstiles product range. Their expanded inventory includes a wide range of high-end motorized turnstile systems perfectly suited to a multitude of traffic flow strategies...
  4. S

    Best CPM ad network for Irish traffic?

    Guys, I didn't know where to post this because theres no CPM section….anyway…the thread title is fairly self-explanatory... Whats the best CPM network (outside google) for Irish traffic?
  5. P

    Which Traffic Figures to Quote?

    Hi, I run a website which is aimed at a niche market. I have some advertising space on offer (tie-in with a feature on the site) and a couple of businesses have approached me in relation to advertising. They are looking to know what traffic the site attracts. Just wondering what is the...
  6. martha

    Are we in Ireland left out in the cold - even on the internet?

    Can anyone clear this one up for me? I have the distinct feeling that, having an Irish IP address, my website is automatically left out of some the search engine results in the US / UK, etc. (Even though I do have dotcom domains). I am setting up my whole business to be aimed towards Europe...
  7. Lemans

    How I Earn My First 1000$ Per Month

    I will be very short, First I build blog and do some SEO, I set-up mailing list, social profiles etc. after my blog gets 3000+ visits per day I create product for my niche (worth 24$). I bought domain name for my product and create great landing page. When I add new useful article on my blog I...
  8. A

    Help needed with backlinks

    Hi all, I'm a total newcomer to this forum and I wonder if anyone can help me. I have my online website up and running for over a year and I now understand how important it is to have the seo's and backlinks to my site. As my budget is limited I have opted to try and take on this task myself...
  9. B

    Photographer' Services and Gallery - http:///

    Photographer' Services and Gallery - New website launched for Alejandro Bel, Photographer Alejandro Bel It is about a photographer offering his services and showing some of his works and projects. A tried to create a website where it can seen the bios and...
  10. martha

    Business Online Learning

    First and foremost, thank you for this possibility! I am trying to set up my Website called Business Online Learning Quick And Easy Management Skills My products will be Business Learning Videos and Ebooks. At the present time I am trying to tidy up the site and re-design it, so any...
  11. umx

    Highly converting mp3 affiliate program

    13% CR, 56,4% CR to Sale, 0.36 EPC This stats is from Mp3Caprice affiliate program for September 2012. Average order $23-$25, plus every second rebills. If interested PM me for invite. Hint: Search traffic, eg Adwords
  12. mneylon

    Yahoo / Bing Launching Alternative to Adsense

    This could prove to be very interesting: An AdSense Threat from Bing-Yahoo - 'Net Features - Website Magazine
  13. immediate

    Really large disk storage hosting?

    I deal databases that are usually very huge as 5GB - 20GB and I have lots of them. I probably need 1TB disk storage that is cheap and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Checked out Rackspace cloud files and I wouldn't pay that much for something like this. Amazon aws is even more expensive...
  14. B

    International Geotargeting with a site. Can it be done?

    Hi There, Pardon my ignorance on this but truth be told I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to google webmaster tools and geo targetting. I got an online shop. Site about 3 years old and revamped to a wordpress site about 15 months ago. Doing pretty good all things considered from a
  15. M

    Directory submission

    Hi I've submitted a new website to search and browse directories and was wondering how long it generally takes to be added?
  16. S

    Inbound Marketing Ideas??

    I'm just starting work on a project promoting online lotto sites .... There's one Irish and a couple of international sites that allow users to play the lotto online, check results, etc. They aren't gambling sites (legally) and are aimed largely at Irish, British and European expats in America...
  17. 2dor

    .ie domain registering purpose

    Hi everyone, I've registered my first .ie domain name today, but some of the requested information is a little confusing. I got an email asking if the domain is for commercial or non-commercial purposes. I want it to be a kind of blog on a particular niche and if, at some point, it will have...
  18. mneylon

    Alternatives To Amazon For Books?

    Which affiliate programs are good alternatives to Amazon for books? Bearing in mind that the sites' traffic would be mainly Irish / European
  19. mutantspace

    Is there any publishers banner ad sites in Ireland

    I have an arts blog on my site which is gaining unique users and impressions fast and was wondering if ireland has the equivalent of or Nectar Ads Id like to start quite soon and would prefer to have a 3rd party looking after the ads and getting a cut than spending my time...
  20. G

    Plan for Success of Online Retail Store with Magento Shopping Cart

    If you are in the retail business, it is imperative for you to have a website. To make the most of your web presence, there are some basic things you need to do to make your website attract customers and generate traffic. Firstly, are you building a shopping cart? If yes, build a worthwhile...
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