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  1. S

    Php online page viewer counter

    PHP (hypertext pre processor) has changed the way of web development.Now-a-days we can develop web applications easily by PHP.It has made web developing easier.Now i am presenting an page counter made by php.Sometime in our website we want to see that how many times our webpage is viewed.So this...
  2. I

    I'm Looking to take this site to the next level

    Of course everyone wants good reviews and I am no different. I have built this site using weebly but now I must change as the site is getting to it's final stages and there is only so much you can do in weebly. I need an expert to review and hopefully help me push it to the next level. review...
  3. A

    Review of My Web Hosting Company

    Hi guys I own a Web Hosting Company - Arm Power Hosting. Could ye take a look at it and tell me your thoughts. Thanks
  4. webmaisterpro

    Hello World!

    Hi new friends! My name is Kaloyan Banev and I am SEO since 1999, though my hobby is web development and article writing. Happy to join Irish Webmaster Forum share my knowledge, learn new things and meet friends. Kind regards Kal
  5. DanielPaul

    New Web Design and Development business

    Hi, I'm a computer science student with a passion for all things web. I have recently started a web design and development business called Identity Square ( Identity Square - Web Design & Development - Dublin, Ireland ). We craft beautiful websites, digital products & services that help you...
  6. J

    Ruby on Rails Developer

    This is a unique opportunity to work in Manchester, England. Our client is currently one of the biggest on-line travel agencies in the UK and have already become a leader in the field of high traffic web applications. They attach a high level of importance to Ruby on Rails, internal Web...
  7. J

    Software Developer

    Web Developer CarsIreland.ie is an award winning digital media business with a city centre location (near the IFSC). The exclusive focus of the business is to provide all our users (buyers and sellers) with a great online experience. We seek an experienced and committed web developer to join our...
  8. T

    Webmaster Tools - 1000s of links to one page

    I started work on adding an online store to an existing website. When the store was completed I went about trying to improve the ranking for the site. In Webmaster tools I see something I find a bit odd. There are thousands of links coming from a total of about 1100 domain to the site, but all...
  9. Ciprian

    What's the average wage for a web developer in Cork and Dublin?

    What's the average wage for a web developer in Cork and Dublin? I am looking for relocation, and I chose these two locations. I do web development, PHP/MySQL/jQuery/HTML5.
  10. R

    Work Experience Inquery?

    Hi Everyone My name is Richard Im currently A student For Computer Science. Im looking for work experience in web development Where can I look for the best possible Positions and what advice would you give me to set me in the right direction I want real world experience Im so eager to learn so...
  11. T

    Tuition wanted - php, javascript, sql, lamp

    Hi, we require someone to provide one to one tuition at intermediate/expert level in the various language for the LAMP platform, php, javascript, sql etc. Also is there a good course out there?
  12. J

    Web Monkey

    Blacknight is a 100% Irish owned and based in Ireland, ICANN accredited domain registrar and hosting company. Recipients of several awards for their revolutionary use of social media, Blacknight are one of Europe’s most cutting edge Internet companies. Candidate Requirements: Excellent...
  13. J

    Senior PHP Developer

    Amigo Media are looking for a Senior PHP developer with solid experience in PHP and other web development technologies. Responsibilities: - Work as a Senior Developer on leading ecommerce websites (travel and advertising) and backend applications. - Work within our team while being given...
  14. A

    Recommendations for a web development company

    Hi, I will be sending out a proposal over the next week for three websites in different language with an ecommerce platform. We will have a "find your product through questions" feature so there will probably be a need for part of the site to be database driven. Based in East/South East...
  15. E

    hi from a newbie

    hi guys, Just saying hi. I'm Eva and a complete novice in web development. I've always worked in publishing but have harboured a dream to train and work for myself in web development. Now that I'm about to be unemployed I guess my dream starts here. Hopefully this forum will be a good...
  16. K

    Advice Needed: Web Development Course

    Hi I have a question for web developers out there. I have been working on ecommerce websites for the last few years but have never received any formal training. I want to get officially trained up with a view to getting a web development job. There is a course in Dublin business school...
  17. D

    Search Engine Optimisation Consultant

    Job Title: Search Engine Optimisation Consultant – Permanent Position Inspiration Marketing based in Dun Laoghaire is looking for a full time SEO Consultant to join our Internet Marketing Team. Inspiration is one of the leading award-winning Online Marketing Agencies in Ireland working...
  18. J

    French Web Developer

    Working in PayPal Merchant Operations, the successful candidate will be part of the Merchant Integration team, as first point of contact for web developers who are integrating any of the PayPal website payments solutions into e-commerce websites and other applications. The successful candidate...
  19. R

    I am looking for web developers, seo, web design, copywriters.

    I am looking for companies or self-employed people who do web desing, web development, seo, copywrting and etc. I could sell your services in the russian speaking segment. Lots of russian speaking companies wish to promote thier business in the english segment. If you are interested let me...
  20. R

    Wanted Freelance web developer

    Wanted E-Commerce/Web Application Development Manager Rockfield Online, Health, Contraception, Fertility, Baby care & Beauty Products, Next Day Deliver Ireland, Electronic Cigaretts - Online Health Store Summary : 9+ years experience in systems design, application development and systems...
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