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  1. E

    Hosting Company

    Hi to all, couldnt find a into section to say Hi, Im looking for some advice please. I currently have a website hosted by 365, and have been with them for the last 4 years, Im kind of thinking about moving to another hosting company. The website i have i created using the website...
  2. A

    Review of My Web Hosting Company

    Hi guys I own a Web Hosting Company - Arm Power Hosting. Could ye take a look at it and tell me your thoughts. Thanks
  3. P

    Digiweb hosting issues

    Anyone else having problems with digiweb hosting. I have been getting this message at random. going on now for 5 weeks, resulting in half of my active members leaving and going elsewhere. Error:Unknown MySQL server host 'mysql1.hosting.digiweb.ie' (2) pat
  4. EdenWeb

    SSH on Blacknight VPS

    Hi guys Client has a VPS from Blacknight running Parallels Panel. Can't find any mention of version but I imagine it's very recent. I can't seem to enable SSH access to this. If I go to Login>Websites & Domains (Tab) > Web Hosting Access, I can see a setting called 'Access to server over SSH...
  5. mneylon

    Irish Directories In 2013?

    There's been a few discussion threads here about Irish web directories, but a lot of the ones mentioned have since died .. So to start off 2013 I thought it'd be nice to see what's out there .. Disclosure - I run a few :) Irish Search and Directory Ireland - Irish websites - Business Ireland...
  6. M

    Wordpress 3.5

    I just logged into my wordpress install and found a notice to the top that wordpress v3.5 is now available. Did anyone upgrade yet? How did the upgrade go? Just checking, but did it break any plug-ins for anyone that upgraded?
  7. V

    Getting affiliates to sign up

    I offer an affiliate program of 10% of all sales referred to my web hosting site based in Ireland. I am really struggling to get affiliate (and clients) to sign up that I am considering packing up shop. Whats the best way to get affiliates to sign up?
  8. P

    ezhost365.com shared hosting or VPS

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has web hosting with ezhost365.com I am planning on signing up with them, just haven't decided if I'll go for the shared hosting or the VPS Going to be starting a vBulletin forum Thanks
  9. K

    How important is an IP address in terms of SEO / organic ranking?

    We have this open query on this moroccan website remodel. Moroccan web hosting companies are not the easiest to deal with. The service is low quality. So the client is requesting to change the hosting to another provider But if outside of Morocco we shall lose our Morocco IP address. How bad...
  10. Geoff Boyle

    Home routing question

    Ok, so this isn't a web hosting question but it's routing and I don't know a better place to ask. My home network is in the range 192.168.1.x I have a Roku box, basically it provides SD and HD video streams from the US and pops them out onto my TV via HDMI. It's a box of loveliness. In...
  11. M

    Set of contact icons?

    Anyone recommend a decent set of contact icons (free for commercial use)? Nothing fancy, just something that include facebook, twitter, phone and e-mail Or even what I should be googling - "social media icons" give me sets that don't include phone and e-mail, most of the "contact icons" sets...
  12. S

    Need web help please!!!!

    hi, i starting two projects soon ,A gaming website and A social network website but my main focus is the gaming one becuase i want to luanch it before the big game titles are released so attract more traffic so iam looking for people to help me design it and mantain it .i am new to web design...
  13. mneylon

    National programme to get Irish Business online launched at Google

    Taoiseach Enda Kenny launches national programme to get Irish Business online at Google Dublin, Monday May 9th, 2011: An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, T.D. today launched a national campaign to get Irish businesses online and make the most of the economic opportunity of the Internet. Getting Irish...
  14. mneylon

    Blacknight Solutions Warn of Domain Renewal Scams

    Domain space innovators Blacknight Solutions are striving to make the public aware of Domain Renewal Scams. Carlow, Apr 27, 2011 – Domain space innovators Blacknight Solutions (European Web hosting based in Ireland, exchange hosting, domain registration, dedicated servers, colocation -...
  15. J

    Which Host

    I need to migrate from Digiweb hosting, my sites have down down for the last 2 weekends in a row. Minor issue with the /tmp folder but as they have no support on the weekend I had to wait until Monday morning for it to be fixed. Digiweb could not have cared less! Their support gets worse by the...
  16. mneylon

    .EU Domains Are now available for multi-year registrations

    April 7 2011 - Carlow, Ireland – Multi-year registrations are now available for .EU domains and Blacknight Solutions is celebrating. Michele Neylon of the Carlow based registrar wants you to know that “ Blacknight will be offering a number of .EU incentives for new and existing customers...
  17. S

    Is Register365 reseller hosting actually any good?

    Hi, Im looking into the world of reseller hosting for the first time. As Im getting more busy now as a web develpoer/designer, it is now viable for me to set up reseller hosting and make some money through that. From the research I have done, it is clear that Register365 is the cheapest for...
  18. DecKen

    Step by step guide to setting up a VPS

    Hi all, I am thinking about getting VPS hosting from Blacknight. I dont really have any skills with Linux so I would go with a Windows box because I know my way around those systems. Does anyone know a good step by step guide on how to setup a VPS for a small web hosting business. I want to...
  19. L

    LetsHost Letdown

    I am just here to warn everyone about Lets Host. Here is my story: I was looking for a VPS and I found Lets Host. Their site looked very reasonable and professional. After ordering my VPS I waited 5 days and didn't get a reply and my VPS was still not setup. So then I rang them and asked...
  20. B

    Limit of emails is 250 - solution?

    Hi guys; I work for free with an arts organisation and we have approx 900 on our mailing list, which uses Mailman software. Our email address is on our web hosting service, a fairly basic package with cpanel. Just a few days ago Mailman software sent us hundreds of emails - one for each on...
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