1. DanielPaul

    New Web Design and Development Business Site

    Hi, I'm a computer science student with a passion for all things web. I have recently started a web design and development business called Identity Square ( Identity Square - Web Design & Development - Dublin, Ireland ). We craft beautiful websites, digital products & services that help you...
  2. PaddyBloggit

    School Website ~ A victim of our own success ~ need urgent advice

    We have shared hosting with Let's Host. The site has gotten very slow ever since we were moved to a 'newer server'. Having spoken to Let's Host, they now say we need to move to a VPS server as our site is using so many resources, not only is it slowing down our own sites, it's also slowing...
  3. A

    Custom Wordpress blog post layout problem

    Hi, This custom Wordpress blog was built by someone else but I would really want to change the layout of the blog posts. They are currently like this: IT recruitment ? Women in IT -Cognitive GroupThe Sharepoint, Dynamics AX & Dynamics CRM blog | Cognitive Group two columns, one is Facebook...
  4. A

    Looking for Wordpress plugin which makes every image link nofollow

    Share: Hi, I'm the content manager of this accounting and taxation blog http://www.wallaceapc.com/our-blog/ and I just now realized, that a lot of the images in the older posts are linking to the bigger sized version of the picture itself. I would want to make all these links nofollow but...
  5. S

    wordpress equivalent to aiContactSafe

    Hi does anyone know of a good list builder for contact form for wordpress. I generally use contact form 7 for forms although I don't think its great. I have used aiContactSafe in recent joomla site development and really like the list builder function that is native to it. Is there a decent...
  6. W

    Side Scrolling Wordpress Theme

    Anyone know of a Wordpress theme (premium or otherwise!) which will allow me to build something similar to Imaginista Branding Inc. or Omkaar Kotedia Photography | Home ??
  7. W

    Will this theme work well for adsense placement?

    Hello, I'm starting an information based website using the Gampress wordpress theme. WordPress ? GamePress « Free WordPress Themes It only has one sidebar and I'm wondering whether or not it will work well for emdedding adsense ads. I have lots of conent ready to go but...
  8. E

    How do I build an eCommerce site on dreameaver?

    Hello Everyone, this is my first post. I' currently attempting to build my own online shop using dreamweaver cs5.5. I have recently built a simple website just displaying products and services etc. I'm just wondering what else do I do for the ecommerce website? Even a point in the right...
  9. P

    Game Authoring Website Review

    Hi guys, I have recently taken over the management and redesign of my company website, and I'd like to get your feedback and suggestions before I plough on. Some details: The Website: http://www.zoodazzle.com Site CMS: It's a wordpress site. User Goals (next 2 - 3 months): Encouraging...
  10. W

    Second (left) sidebar in wordpress GamePress Theme???

    Hello, I need a plugin or a some idiot proof instructions for adding code to my theme to create a left sidebar on the Gamepress theme (only comes with right sidebar). Can anyone help me ? Thanks
  11. P

    Contractor daily rate for web/digital designer

    I'm trying to decide whether to go into a full-time or contract role in the next while. I've been freelancing a couple of months but looking to get something a bit more secure. I have 4 years agency experience and a couple more freelancing. I'm pretty confident in my skills and I'm able to...
  12. M

    Wordpress Child Menu Dropdown CSS

    Have been trying to get my child menu to appear underneath the parent menu item via CSS, but no joy. The 'Breed' button on this site has a child item 'Performance', but not sure what CSS I need to get it appearing directly under 'Breed'. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. A

    Wordpress site

    Hi all, its my first post here, so be nice to me :) I have a website called Videography for Weddings | Professional Wedding Videos, Tipperary and would love some feed back regarding it, I add blogs to it when i can but they don't seem to be moving up in Google land as they should, but anyway...
  14. S

    wordpress content hack

    hi does anyone know how to effecently block pharma hacks on wordpress posts i have seen the following info posted on some of the posts on the site <!--82ec1451--><a href="http://buy-windows-7-ultimate-lol.com"> Buy Windows 7 Ultimate</a> <a href="http://buy-windows-7-ultimate-lol1.com"> Cheap...
  15. W

    Choosing the right Worpress Theme

    Hello, I am currently in the process of setting up an information based website. I have signed up with Bluhost and am trying to decide on a theme. I would prefer to use a free theme but if a paid one gives me many more options for developing the site later ( adding video / galleries etc.)...
  16. R

    Which is the Best free Data Checker

    Hi all Im just looking for some help on this New to Social Media Im looking for the best free application that checks all my data for example facebook, twitter, wordpress and by application I mean backlinks is there an application that will check all data ie. share of voice share of mentions or...
  17. P

    Digiweb hosting issues

    Anyone else having problems with digiweb hosting. I have been getting this message at random. going on now for 5 weeks, resulting in half of my active members leaving and going elsewhere. Error:Unknown MySQL server host 'mysql1.hosting.digiweb.ie' (2) pat
  18. R

    backlinks from blog to website question

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm in the tourism business in Ireland and I want to start a wordpress blog and I would like to know if it is okay to hyperlink keywords or key phrases in the blog back to my website. Does it help with my website SEO or do I just write in the blog and mention my...
  19. B

    Worpdress pulgin to customise CMS side bar options?

    Does anyone know of any WP plugins to customise the side bar options within the CMS? (please note I'm not talking about widgets or customizing side panel of the web pages). I'm talking about the actual CMS side bar settings. I recently purchased a theme that had a Gallery option but because I...
  20. grandad

    Problem with Mysqldump

    I have a few Wordpress installations running and want to create a simple, reliable way of backing up the databases. For various reasons I have decided against plugins, and am using Cron. I created a script which is called from Cron - /usr/bin/mysqldump --host=hostserver --user=username...
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