1. dreamweaver

    classified script

    Hi Guys ,Im Dave I am new here and didnt know there was such a forum out there, great to finally find a Irish one. I am looking at a classified script called]Php Classifieds Software - Turn Key Classifieds Solution[/url] and I was wonderin has anyone used it or do any of you...
  2. M

    SEO for beginners

    Started first website a few days ago and am looking to get stuck in to optimizing it, unfortunately I only have a rough idea of what to do. Does anyone have any good advice or resources on where to look. Theres a lot of stuff out there and some of it is a bit contradictory.
  3. L

    Google +1 Button launched - what do you think?

    Google announced the launch the Google +1 (plus ones) buttons for Business. Facebook copy or reincarnation of the Site like/dislike voting buttons? I blogged about it here: SEO Blog: The Google +1 Button - long overdue Looking forward to member's thoughts
  4. B

    SEO / Google / Myths - Title & Keyword tags

    Here's one & please correct me if im incorrect in anyway :) From my understanding a Search friendly website consists of the following Meta Data. (I know there are other factors but i just want to focus on the 2 below). 1) The Title tag > Must be unique to each page & less than 60 characters...
  5. B

    Embedding a video stored locally in Wordpress

    Hi - I have a requirement to embed a video on a Wordpress page and can't seem to find a simple plugin which works. Does anyone have any experience of this in WP? Should be a simple job but I am not finding any plugins which seem to work. Thanks, Barry
  6. mneylon

    New Profile Option - Add Youtube / Facebook + Twitter

    This isn't that big a deal, but since it was possible I thought I'd do it In your profile options you can now add links to your facebook page (or personal profile) , your YouTube channel and add your Twitter username NB: For Facebook + Youtube please enter the full URL, as that's how it's...
  7. M

    Fine Gael facebook promotion .. or something

    Thought this was interesting - a banner ad popped up at the end of a post in Google reader with the facebook logo, "donate your status", and the tagline "Let's get Ireland working". Clicking on it brings you here, and then if you click again you're prompted to allow Fine Gael post updates to...
  8. D

    How long is Google's age restrictions?

    I launched Memorial Cards, Memoriam Cards and Funeral Thank You Cards in November but I'm aware that Google places an age restriction on new websites trying to gain high rankings. Any idea how long this restriction lasts for?
  9. T

    Does hosting a .com in Ireland affect Google ranking in US?

    I am working with an Irish software company whose product is aimed at a global market but primarily the US. We are revamping our website and moving from its current shared hosting in the US to a VPS hosted in Ireland. Will this have a negative impact on our Google ranking for US users, in...
  10. mneylon

    RIPE To Run Out of IPs in January 2011

    Seems like RIPE will have no more ip addresses come end of January 2011
  11. B

    the importance of .com or .ie, when entering other markets?

    Hi, I'm pondering the questions - I have a video that will be going viral soon & I estimate that the largest viewers of this video will be in the Sates then Ireland. Should I have my webiste as a .com or .ie? It's an Irish based company but will attract lots of americans. Also, do you think...
  12. A Dating/Tube/Social Networking site for sale $1000

    I'm selling my new start up adult dating site, The site is a few weeks old and has no traffic or revenue. Unlike most sites this is a 3 in one platform that consist of Dating, Social Networking and Video all in one. The site comes with a 13,000 member database in addition to 40,000 embedded...
  13. B

    Share your Social Marketing tools Facebook Pages

    Hi, I Just thought I'd bring attention to this Social Marketing Tool for Facebook pages, you can use 2 free apps before you upgrade to premium. (the apps were really easy to set up & link with my twitter & youtube channel.) Follow this link to the various apps from They have also...
  14. A

    3 in one Adult Script For Sale:

    3 in one Adult Script For Sale: We purchased this script for a client to do a project but they canceled so where posting it here for sale. It's valued @$495 but i'm giving it away for $50USD. It has Dating Social Networking and Video all in one site and still in it's respective file. I also...
  15. J

    [Full-time] Marketing Executive – Part Time (Offline and Online Marketing) - BIGME261

    Location: Dublin Description: Marketing Executive – Part Time (Offline and Online Marketing) South Dublin €15,000 – €17,000 Per annum (Full Time Equivalent: c€27,000) Plus Flexible Working Hours As one of Ireland’s largest software providers, our client provides a range of accounts and...
  16. A

    How much to charge for setting up a Facebook fan page?

    I have few clients who want to promote their business on Facebook, but don't know thing about it. Basically I would set up their page, create a custom image under the welcome tab, a custom image to the sidebar and would give q quick overview what they should(and when) post to their wall...
  17. B

    What are you using for keyword analysis?

    Whats' the best/most accurate keyword analysis tool? I'm using the google keyword tool in my adwords account.!
  18. B

    duplicate Facebook Page names with Irish Relevancy?

    I'm creating a page on facebook Called Goodies but the Page Name already exists..! My market is mainly in Ireland. Will facebook Place my Page in the first position above other pages called that name becuase the search comes from an Irish IP address? Should I consider another facebook page...
  19. B

    Cretaing a Social Media Business?

    Hi, I'm have/creating a Social Media business that involves my website, facebook page, twitter & youtube. I need all these elements to make my idea work. Here's the problem > The youtube name is the only one out the rest that is not the exact same. for example: website = twitter =...
  20. L

    Should every business have a facebook fan Page? I say no...

    [Disclaimer: I'm not saying Facebook doesn't work for business. its about how you work and when you should work Facebook. I'm trying to balance the hype] I disagree with the "every business MUST be on facebook or be left out" argument and simultaneously with the "there are 400 million people...
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