1. Byron

    Video Hosting Headache!!!

    Hi Guys, I have a client who needs video hosting, I have worked out the bare minimum they will need is 500GB bandwidth per month... yea I know... hosting on a sharing site like YouTube or Veoh would be great except: They don't want branding on their videos. Nearly all video hosting sites...
  2. R

    Closable Banner Ads

    Hi, I have seen closable banner ads on websites like the New York Times and O2. Does anyone know where I can find code for such banner ads? I would like to put a screen-width ad on the top of my site, that my visitors could close.
  3. B

    Youtube promotion for website

    HI, I'm going to start making youtube videos to promote my webiste. (online dating). I already have apersonal account - should I make my website channel from this OR should I create a new account with my webiste details? Feedback would be really appreciated.
  4. A

    Please suggest some article directories for Ireland.

    Hi All, Please suggest me some free article directories to submit articles, targeted in Ireland. I am very confused where to submit the articles for Ireland. Thanks in advance.
  5. byronyasgur

    ad management system

    Is there an ad management system that allows advertisers to put display advertising on your website directly. This is slightly hard to explain but essentially I can find 2 types of online advertising systems, neither of which suit exactly. A) I can find ad management systems that will just put...
  6. trickobrien

    Wordpress 3.0 Released

    Two hundred and eighty contributors (I noticed a couple of Irish names in there)
  7. S

    trinity conference on sofware?

    I was informed by my sis that there is a conferance on in trinity about sofware and web design I went over to trinity but saw no sign of it anyone know anything about it or have details Thanks
  8. R

    Server Location & SEO Positions

    Hey, Just looking for some opinions on this. I was convinced that server location, as well as the domain extension, played a big part in SEO rankings. I tried testing this by moving a .ie domain website to a German host. I'm beginning to see location related keywords show up higher on...
  9. AnnHalloran

    Hi It is nice to be amongst web experts! I am self taught and put my site up a year ago. I currently have 3000 visitors a month which is rising and 75 pages of content. I want to make an income out of the site, and have been told that I need to increase back links and content to do this. I...
  10. W

    Quality FREE Wordpress Themes

    Vectorizm Wordpress Theme Free wordpress magazine theme with twitter integration, post thumbnail, flickr photos, youtube video, theme options page and more. Suitable for all niches. Demo | Download Vectorizm Green Wordpress Theme Free wordpress magazine theme with twitter integration, post...
  11. S

    Juts wondering what you guys think? Is it loading fast enough, general design & content. Thanks in advance, Shanley.
  12. mneylon

    Social Media Marketing - Social Media For Business - Useful Links

    Twitter 101 for Business ? A Special Guide Social Media Expert Stud Guru Guy Coaching - Donkey Fluff - parody site Know any others? Reply below please (NB: this is not an excuse to plug your own site - seriously!)
  13. B

    Am I on the right track..?

    Hi folks, Im wondering if I could pick your brains to see if im on the right track with the SEO on my site... www . lostandfoundpetsca .com I have recently done the following... 1. Looked up keywords with low competition and tried to put them in my site on various pages. 2. Changed my page...
  14. S

    PHP framework question

    Hi all wasn't too sure where to post this so move if required. I am about to begin development on a property management site in php and and thinking of using a framework can anyone recommend one. Basically I have always wrote or configured my own functions/routines. For this project I would like...
  15. cmba138G

    Free Wordpress Themes by cmba138G

    Duke Wordpress Theme 2 column adsense ready wordpress theme by Wordpress Themes - Download free wordpress themes for your Wordpress blog or upload your own wpthemes,wordpress theme,wp theme. DEMO | Download| Theme URI Illumination Wordpress Theme 2 column adsense ready...
  16. S

    Game Site for Sale | Already Earning from CPALEAD

    Site: Online Full Game Download Register: Godaddy Expire on: Nov'2010 The site uses a gateway which earns you approx $1 per survey filled. In December 6th, when I first created this site on another one and started lightly promote it, the site towards the today I got more than 1377 unique hits...
  17. M

    How to add a video to a website

    Hi, I've been searching through the internet for the last 3 hours trying to find out about this. Hopefully someone here knows the answer. My sister wants to make a film about her son and add it to her website. (She also wants a website but that's another story...) So how does she go about...
  18. mneylon

    Share Your Facebook Page

    Since I know quite a few people have setup Facebook pages and getting "fans" can be a pain ... Please post a link to your Facebook page below NB: This is not a thread to discuss the merits of Facebook fan pages. If you want to discuss them there's another thread going that is more suitable.
  19. M

    HUGE SALE: Funny Videos - Arcade Games - Free Fonts - Free Recipes - Web Directory

    YOU CAN BUY THESE SITES ONE BY ONE OR AS A PACKAGE ; FunnyEpisode.Com - Funny Videos - Funny Episode - Funny Clips - Fun Videos - Funny Videos Site Funny Episode is a developed funny videos site with over 1200 videos added under 4 different categories including funny videos, fight...
  20. immediate

    What's your car?

    I don't have one. :(
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