202 domains, million of dollar value, selling only $10k to operation my father!

Discussion in 'Marketplace Requests' started by domain24, May 31, 2013.

  1. domain24

    domain24 New Member

    Dear all, I am selling 202 rare domains with website Nono.info urgently today. These 202 domains appraisal are over million of dollars. My father is so sick, we need fund to do urgent operation for him, and doctor said that he needs operation within few days! I am selling 202 domains only for $10k for the reason, if anyone buy my all domains, I believe he will be lucky and he will get huge profit. Please help me to the success operation, contact urgently to skype: hmadnanbd
  2. jhegarty

    jhegarty New Member

    To be honest I think you will be doing well to get $10 for those domains.

    Which ones do you think are valuable ?

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