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I bought this Domain about 14 months ago and forgot about it.

Jurango Property

After 12 months I noticed Check Domain had charged me extra and wanted more money to renew it, so I decided to get my money back by building an auto-feed site. I built the site and simply left it there and in the first 5 weeks it has netted around 50 Euro just from Ads. I did a bit of social bookmarking etc two days and got 6 and 8 dollars each day in ads, so, honestly, the potential is there and it is big.

I can send reports/stats and anything else that is needed to serious people. With a little work you can get your money back quite fast. I just do not have the time and I am working my ass off on a number of other sites.

I know that is the usual excuse but its true. This would also be a great site for someone looking to get into websites for the first time. It is all run off Wordpress. I was looking for 1800 for it, but any offers will be considered, once they are reasonable. I need to get rid of it to pay for some work I need on 2 other sites.

PM me with any serious enquiries, if you want to see stats or any questions.
Not open for further replies.
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