Adobe Will Start Forcing Customers To Pay Monthly If They Want The Latest Updates

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Adobe will no longer develop its Creative Suite software. Instead, they're going to be focusing on the Creative Cloud.
If customers want access to the latest updates and features, they'll need to pay a monthly bill.

Adobe recently announced that they will no longer develop the Creative Suite software so the “Creative Cloud” with its monthly subscription will be the only way to get access to newer versions of Photoshop etc. Without no doubt, Adobe wants to boost its revenue and without no doubt, they ignore the needs of their customers.
Source : What Adobe thinks about their customers

What are your thoughts about this? Bad move or good...?
I blame the pirates, :/


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I'm no fan of the way Adobe operates, but we've been using Creative Cloud for over a year and it's actually been ok. A few problems with activation on different machines, but on the whole it's not too bad a way to get software. Takes the annoyance factor out of wanting to upgrade but not wanting to fork out a huge chunk at once. We've got used to it. Mind you, the price is about to massively go up now we've been on Creative Cloud for a year...


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It depends on what you need but there are alternatives to Adobe software. I'm not sure about mac software but as a PC user I can think of... Corel, Xara, Serif - they all offer software that can do most things Adobes software can do without subscription prices. Of course workflows and feature sets will vary from software to software but for the most part you can produce similar end results using any of them.


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That's not very nice news since Adobe products are already sort of expensive and their monthly subscription thing isn't cheap either :/ Bad move in my opinion.
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