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Just got a message from Google to say that adsense has been disabled on one of my sites,due to copyright violations-basically links to watch streaming movies etc..

Seems painfully obvious now as I type this,that it would be against TOS.

Unfortunately those areas that need to be removed are mixed in with about 75,000 other areas,and the thoughts of going in to clean up is a bit sickening.

Plus if I miss any,I could get myself banned.....

Am considering 3 options
1)clean up and submit a request to Google to reinstate site
2)delete the whole damm database and start again
3)not have adsense on the site at all

with option 1 and 2 just wondering to myself,whats next??,site had already been suspended for having adsense on an area where Google thought it shouldnt have been (nothing sinister,but with one common sidebar for all areas,ads appeared on every page,and Google only wants ads on areas of content.

Realize Google is the boss,and not enjoying the feeling.

In addition have been using the blogroll links to great effect backlinking other sites.

Its a dilly of a pickle lol

Just thought Id share that
Not open for further replies.
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