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Sorry for the delay in replying - it seems that some of my emails stopped working..

I am regularly updating Make Money From Photos & Adsense. with earnings from the new venture if anyone wants to follow that.

It'll be a long time before it is earning much more than £20 a month by the looks of things - but hopefully it'll start picking up again after the summer.

I've a feeling that I need to make it a bit more 'social' and get people to come back regularly (most traffic is new visitors from Google image search and they get the image they want then leave straight away). I'm really not sure how best to do this (bearing in mind I have very little spare time to put into this project). But I'll think of something...


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Well jmmcelements, 1000 a month is pretty much Win, even 250 would make me happy. With about about 100 Visitors daily, i manage to get about 10 per month on . So i just need to get 100 Times More Visitors Monthly... :D

It is all about scaling, if you can make 10 a month, of course you can make 100, then 1000, then 10000 if you keep working, it's just about the process to get there.


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Anyone making over a €1000 per month on adsense. Is it still possbile these days? If so, are you targetting America?

I just started from scratch last month. (One of my sites fell out of SERP's for a while) This month so far I'm at just over $200.00. I would assume that it's very possible though. In 2012 my Adsense earnings jumped from $1,199.98 in July to $2,235.87 in August. And it was all organic traffic from search results. No paid advertising.

Pretty awesome. Once it hits a certain point it just goes off! It went from $50 / day to $100 / day overnight and then to $0 one day... I turned myself in on a 5 year old DUI warrant and when they let me out of jail, my site was down... really stinks, but it's making a come back.

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sharing your earning and other figures from adsense is strictly prohibited by Google..
Please provide a link to somewhere that proves that. As far as most of us are aware you can discuss earnings - just not specifics (see first page of thread)
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