Adwords - any good books?

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Thanks Dave, I'll check them out. I know things change fast, so a lot of books can be out of date pretty quick; but I figure the fundamentals probably tend to stay more or less the same.
I take it you are in Dublin? Where exactly?

I've got a copy of the first one you can have if you want?
Thanks Dave, that would be magic! I'm in north Dublin, Raheny area; but I'd be happy to pick it up wherever you are... how's about Wednesday afternoon some time? I guess you could PM me if that suits?
I like AdWords For Dummies. The last version is fairly up to date. And it cost like £10. Which is amazing value for money. You can probably find 99% of the info online, but why not take a break from the screen and read an actual physical book for a change?
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