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Dave, they are the only four that I am aware of myself. Ringjohn are UK based to the best of my knowledge, so it's likely that not all of the €100k spend was racked up in Ireland.

BTW, of the 4 companies, 2 don't have the requisite link from the Adwords Qualified Company logos on their websites to the Google Professional validation section.

If Google don't police it, and don't give out names of qualified companies then what's to stop anybody using the logo?
No, only Interactive Return don't link to the verification page. I got in touch with Google and got confirmation, IR are indeed qualified.

RingJohn has offices in London and Ireland. But yes, I guess their spend was racked up in the UK. They link to the verification page on one of their deep inner pages I believe.

Does anyone know of any others apart from the 4 I mentioned?

And Martina, you have a very impressive resume. :)
Anyone used It's meant to be a list of Adwords Qualfied Professionals, both company and individual qualifications. It doesn't look very complete in my opinion and I'm wondering where they source their info.
Looks like Teddie from neutralize took over here (Footer link). Smart move. I met him at SMW briefly. He actually spoke about whoisagap in his presentation.

Gavin, I sent you a PM asking what company you work for that is a qualified company a while back. I have a feeling there are 5. Can you let me know?
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