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    Affiliate2Day is a leading dating affiliate network that provides independent publishers and affiliates with the possibility to earn on the dating traffic. The profitable Pay Per Sale, Pay Per Lead or Pay For First Order programs allow getting the highest commissions paid on a regular basis.

    Affiliate Commissions:

    · Pay per Lead: up to $8

    · Pay per Sale: 25% of sales amount + $25 registration bonus

    · Pay per First Order: from $150 to $250

    The registration on our website is free. guarantees regular payouts made once a month, for the previous month. The platform provides the partners with a wide choice of high-quality marketing tools and professional support and assistance.

    The link: Top Dating Site Affiliate Program - Pay Per Sale & Pay Per Lead
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    Do those stack? So you get the $8 for the lead + $25 registration bonus + 25% of the sale? That's insanity!
  3. jeffscott

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    If other marketers will see this thread its gonna be a flood of joining for the affiliate site. Don't let the opportunity slips away.

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