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08-02-2013 Minsk, Belarus
A Bronze Magento Industry Partner Amasty continues to expand the range of Magento extensions. Amasty offers a new extension for online stores – Promo Banners. Now it is easy to display deals and special offers for customers.
According to the latest researches of human behavior, a person can capture visual information 60 000 times faster than a plain text. Specialists from Amasty developed Promo Banners extension, which reduces time for making purchase decisions and decreases the number of abandoned carts. Stimulative banners can be displayed on cart, category and product pages, which means that more products can be sold in addition to the first one added to cart and increase online store income.

“This is the best Magento extension I have with best customer support team! I am so happy to get this extension because it will save me at least 1 hour of work every day. It was very easy to install and get started.
Thanks to Amasty for bringing such a useful product with very affordable price. I love it!”

- hugoteam
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“All I can say is that this extension saved me hours of work! Installed in 10 mins, works perfectly and well worth the cost. Probably it saved me 4+ hours.”
- dja4mower
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As experts in e-commerce products, Amasty’s specialists found out that from 50 to 70% customers abandon their purchases in online stores. Promo Banners extension offers the way to focus customers’ attention on the purchase before leaving your store – just let customers know that they can get or are close to getting a discount based on the cart content.

Informing consumers about free gifts and offering any gift to choose from the list, when they make purchases, will increase customers’ loyalty and change occasional buyers into regular customers.
Promo banners extension has an opportunity to display two or more banners at the same position. Banners with higher priority will be displayed at the top.
Main banners features:
- Use images, cms-blocks or text for banners, add lists of products to all banners types.
- Select dates and time for banner display.
- Show banners on product, category, any cms page or in shopping cart.
- Create 'smart' banners, which 'review' shopping cart content and appear depending on it - indicate conditions based on subtotal, product quantity, product attributes, shipping address, etc.
- Link banners to any page - either to your website or to some other one. So you can promote offers from both your store and other ones. So you can use high-traffic established stores to advertise the new ones you've just started.

Vitaly Kolukshev
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