Any developers using CakePHP?

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Hi, I've recently been learning to use CakePHP. So far its excellent, though my knowledge of it is still quite basic.

I've noticed a few others mention CakePHP in the forums here. Does anyone actively develop their apps using this framework? Do you like it? Would you recommend it? Any shortfalls in using it?
Just been looking into CakePHP myself recently. I see this is a thread from 2 years ago! Anyone using CakePHP now? I was looking into Drupal first but it's not great for what i want to do, but CakePHP looks like it will do the job nicely. I like the way you get the backup of a development framework but still have full flexibility over your project without having to accomodate all the bloating something like Drupal would add. I'm not creating a high content website, more of a customer admin section with some e-commerce functionality, so Drupal didn't seem like a good fit.
CakePHP is Awesome!

CakePHP is awesome! I am a full time CakePHP developer, got nothing but great things to say about the framework. Infact, I am currently looking for Irish based CakePHP developers to help me out with a few projects, so if you are a CakePHP developer, feel free to PM me if you are looking for work :)
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