Anyone using Ubuntu?

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Hi Everyone,
I was seriously considering a MacBook for ages but at the last minute pulled out and got myself a Toshiba Laptop. Mainly price was the ruling factor, I've needed a computer for so long and couldn't afford a Macbook Pro for a while so decided to bite the bullet and continue with a Windows Machine.

Vista seemed nice at first but its been about a week now and I really have to say I hate it. It seems extremely resource hungry and tends to crash alot too. Sure its glossy but in all honesty I think its a load of fluff.

I have used Ubuntu before but installed a Virtual XP to run a couple of Apps from Windows. Wine seemed too slow for the programs I was using. I would really like to take the plunge and dive back into Ubuntu, just wanted some others experiences and opinions about totally removing windows from their lives :).

I love Open Source and want to free myself from hideous MS Software :).


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for me unfortunately The GIMP is ... the gimp when it comes to graphic design I don't want this to come into a gimp vrs photoshop

NVU should be fairly handy for webdesign

Apache / Perl / PHP / MySQL

Open Office





That said ... I'm not using ubuntu as my main desktop
I went there before ... the hard drive died a horrible death and I didn't go back cus I didn't have another machine to install on just at the time ...

Pretty Much using Firefox / Eclipse / OpenOffice / Wamp on my XP Pro machine ..all available on ubuntu as well (well Lamp)

What I couldn't live without is photoshop ... and I know you can get cs2 running with wine but that just really sounds like hastle to me so I've not gone that direction yet and I do say yet .. I will go there but ... I'll probably go to the mac before I go that way ...


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I've been trying to use the Gimp on and off for the last couple of years, but I find the UI to be horrendous. It's a real pity, as I hate having to boot into windows to manipulate graphics on this desktop pc :(


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the UI was a major turn off for me that and being used to photoshop ... I went through hell in my last place trying to get them to buy me photoshop ... I'd say the amount of time I lost using The Gimp was ridiculous ...

(yes I'm aware there is also gimpshop ... but it never worked exactly the way I wanted it to for me)


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I'm running Fedora, and openSuse on my two main machines. I have no problems running Photoshop CS2 and Dreamweaver 8. After 20 years of MS, it took me about 6 months to feel really comfortable with Linux. But I'm never going back...
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