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Hello, dear admins!

We are - advertising network that specializes in monetization of worldwide adult traffic.
We are the independent company and at the same time we are the anchor partner of JAVHD, Lookadate, and Affmy.

A few facts about our company:
1. we pays more than any other advertising networks - we have built the effective, high-tech system of traffic monetization, combining the technology of OpenRTB, machine learning and high-quality management work, which allows to the site owner significantly increase profits from the sale of their traffic;
2. our database offers thousands of websites and our daily results are 2 billion impressions and about 1 million clicks;
3. we afford the payments to all popular systems (paypal, wire, paxum etc);
4. we offer the personal approach to each our partner and have 24/7 Support Team for answering and helping you any time you need it.

We are interested in desktop traffic and in 300x250 banner formats, pop-under and all the other banners, so, if you have the traffic and want to start to monetize it today - just join us!

P.S.: Here we would post all the relevant information and answer to all of your questions - feel free to comment and ask us anything you want. welcomes you!

Your future personal manager:

Vera Piankova
Skype: live:.cid.2dd1f1f7064b2f8
QQ: 1345627819
ADxAD: The Best Advertising Network for Asian Traffic
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Five more interesting facts about ADxAD:

1. We are #1 Asian Traffic network :cool:
2. We work with the webmasters from more than 34 countries o_O
3. We can speak 7 languages ‍‍
4. We make the payments $ every weekday (like no one elso do ;))
5. We make payments in the most popular and convenient ways in the world - which one?

We will tell you later.

And one more fact to share, we have a promo, that would give you 50$ extra, after you will earn your first 100$ with us, unbeliveable... But true!

Join us with the promo code: 50$giftforpublishers

And stay. Because we know - if you come to us once, you'll never want to go away



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Hello there! ;)

There is so many ways to earn money in Internet... And so many ways to get them!

ADxAD understands that and prepared to make it in the way that you prefer:

- Would it be market giant PayPal
- adult websites friendly Paxum
- Wire transfer
- or Russian (not Japaneese, plese do not confuse) service

You are free to choose one, that suits just for you.

We are and we are invite you!

Do not forget about our promo (if you want extra 50$, for sure).

No time for thinking, just come to us and stay with us



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What is the main difference between ADxAD Advertising Network and other ones?

Interesting question, but first one short story from a real life:

One my webmaster had the problems with his IP adress.
He told me, that the other advertising network (just like us) blocked him bacause of this problem.
They mistook him for a fraud.
But we did not. Because, and this is his phrase, actually:

"The problem with them is
they dont have a manager like you
to handle me personally
" (c)


We always handle each situation personaly and always trying to do our best to help our webmasters.

Join us and meet with your personal manager today ;)


And don't forget about our promo!
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