Are You on Pinterest?

Discussion in 'Social Media Marketing' started by mneylon, Jul 22, 2012.

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    Ye Pinterest is a new thing right, growing big.
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    Yes, Pinterest, I think, is even better than FB. Although it depends who you are. If you are pushing content, go for FB, if you are pushing products, go for Pinterest.

    My company's account is here Burlap Fabric (burlapfabric) on Pinterest
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    How can Pintrest help me business?
  6. Darylle

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    If you are a fun, creative type then it is a great way to express yourself and brand. Pinterest is an excellent way of showcasing your products and of demonstrating your passion and expertise in a particular area, and when your content engages people, they will like and share (repin) it, helping your content spread virally. This ensures that your brand reaches additional would-be customers, who might not otherwise have been exposed to your existing or usual marketing channels.
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    Wow, we here :smug:
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    I like how you have all your content so neatly organized on Pinterest. How do you choose what categories to pin? Are those your personal interests or related to a blog you own?
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