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Discussion in 'Webmaster Articles' started by Duval, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Duval

    Duval New Member

    Hi all

    I have just submitted an article to EzineArticles. If I want to submit the article to Article Base and other article directories should I rewrite the article first or can I submit the same article to the other directories?. Also is it good practice to use an article spinner to make any changes to an article or is it best to rewrite it from scratch?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. rhan

    rhan New Member

    Good question Duval!

    Spinning an article is quite probably the best thing to do, because I am sure you have heard the opinions about duplicate content. However, I always make sure I submit the best draft of an article to Ezine, as I believe that is the biggest and best article directory.

    I just recently heard that as long as you change the title around, and make just a couple little changes; that duplicate content is not as big a deal as alot pf people believe it to be.

    On the flip side of that coin, I really do believe that unique, quality content is always the best way to go. So, If you can get your hands on an article spinning software, I think you should.

    But, I submit to ezine first, let it get approved, then I will submit the same article to the other less formidable directories after it has been approved by ezine.
    I know that was a little long winded, and I apologize for that. I hope I helped you in some small way
  3. ganesh6789

    ganesh6789 New Member

    I think you should rewrite the article and submit it with new title and summary.Google now a day index only unique articles.So with one unique article you will get one or two back-links only.
  4. breik

    breik Guest

    I agree with you. Use only unique articles to promote your site or blog.:encouragement:
  5. Lemans

    Lemans New Member

    There is only one right answer for your question: "Your articles must be original and unique".
  6. robertwalker

    robertwalker New Member

    I'm not a fan of article spinning for the sake of article submission. Why not create a variety of articles then submit it only to authoritative site in which your article given a value. It's worth the effort and to whatever it cost.
  7. salati

    salati New Member

    You should make unique and relevant articles to make it work the best for your website!!

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