Automated forum backup using HSphere?

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Hi folks,

I am posting here because, if I'm honest, I've trawled through software help files left and right and can't find what I'm looking for. My site is hosted remotely. I've started a forum with all of 8 members so far :)

Basically I go in to my HSphere file manager, click 'Archive' and download a backup of my forum to the hard drive. All well and good. I was wondering if I can set this through Hsphere to run automatically, every day or even week?

I ask this because a great car forum ( almost 40,000 members ) recently got hacked. It somehow seems to have begun with someone uploading a photo. The most recent backup they had was a month old, and boy did it pee a lot of posters off!

A general comment: seems a lot of people have zero patience / tolerance when it comes to the web. It often seems to me that a site could be stable for 5 years and you take it offline for a day and they bloomin' well turn on you!

Lol ... enough ranting. Thanks!



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For a small website/db you should be able to create a crontab (under 'FTP/User Account' > 'FTP User' > 'Crontab') with something like:

/usr/bin/mysqldump -h -u mysql_user -pus3rp4ss dbname | /bin/mail -s your@email.ext

This will create a MySQL backup using mysqldump and email it to you. It's not ideal as email isn't great for file transfers but you could modify it to create .sql backups to your home storage area and then download them via FTP amongst other things (like talking to your host).


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What forum software are you using?
Vbulletin, for example, has a number of scripts that ship with it that include a backup script that you can run every night (or as often as you like)
For a forum the main thing you're going to be backing up regularly is the database, as the files themselves won't be changing that often
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