Backlink Management Procsess - How automated can it be made?

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As everyone knows, this is so resource intensive and I currently use an Excel Spreadsheet per client! But this is not automated enough. I do not really want to outsource to India or students.

I have built many a useful Access database over the years, so I'm now in the process of designing one (I think it will automate it a bit more). It will be built within the next month or so and then I will Import all my existing Excel data by client and move forward from there.

The database will include the following specifications:

  • Related Tables covering Directories, Potential Link Partners (by Service/Product) Article Submission sites, Forums (!) etc all with PR. Tables to includes Clients header details, client link exchange/add details, link reciprocal details and status. This statement does not include all the fields that will be included nor how they are related within the database.
  • Customised Monthly Link status reports by Client.

I really like most of the way LinkAssistant can manage link projects as per the above but Im reluctant to invest if I think I can build something for nothing. Time will tell :)

Before I re-invent the wheel does anyone know if there is software already out there that can do this sort of thing – or is Excel the main man.



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We don't report back on link building exercises - tracking and stalking your competition probably just shows up a level of similar low quality links. If your competitors are getting good links as a result of a relationship, then that won't help you unless you can strike the same deal. Likewise, if you end up with the same number (or less than) of links from the same places, how then are you going to outrank your competition?
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