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Three years ago when i started my first site, i applied for the adsence program...great I thought money for clicks. I was young and foolish and told people on the forum to click it to help make money to pay for the hosting etc.. mistake. 5 days later the account was cut off. No big deal I thought..

Not present day, i a running and I would like the oppertunity to run adsense and earn euros rather than dollars with american adbrite, dollar is worth nothinh for euros theses days :)

bacially, has any one ever gotten blacklisted and then taken off the list? Or shall i be banned from google for ever?


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Have you tried applying again?

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AdSense is still earned in USD, no change there.
I remember setting the currency before to euros? has that changed now?

yes i did apply again, but i got an email back saying that my account has been previously associated with a breech of guidelines or something and it went on to say that that is the end of the matter more or less. So I gues I am out for good then.

Dont get your selves blacklisted lads ;)


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create a new Google accont
If you are using Google Analytics nad or Webmaster tools remove your site and use the new Google account to track our site
aply again for the adsense program.

In the past was a bit more easy with blogger but now if you aply to Adsense from Blogger your blog will be reviewed before, and it's really hard to get aproved.

Come out of the box, don't use sites that had Adsense banned before, to try to aply again.

Sorry for my english
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