Being a webmaster as a career

Discussion in 'Webmaster Discussion' started by acoc100, Jun 15, 2011.

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    Hi I was wondering if there is many opportunities for work as a webmaster / web administrator with companies.

    How do people generally work is it on contract with a number of companies giving a certain number of hours each.

    I am guessing there is good opportunities to working from home and possibly even in another country remotely.

    I have a good degree in Computer Science and have created a few websites for people
    But I think I would be more suited to undating, maintaining and customizing websites. My design skill are my weak point that is why I would prefer web admin over being a web designer.

    I enjoy updating and adding content to websites.

    I have experience in Joomla / Wordpress.

    Any tips or advice of starting out in a career in this field and getting a job in it?

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