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Discussion in 'Desktop Computer Issues' started by morgan spice, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. morgan spice

    morgan spice New Member

    Just wondering what you guys would recommend as the best antivirus out now...

    I'm currently using Nod32 but I heard its no longer as good as it was before...

    any suggestions...?
  2. gbonnet

    gbonnet New Member

    I've been using Avast for years and never had any issues ... it also does some firewalling. The free version is enough for most home users I suppose.
  3. googlebomber76

    googlebomber76 New Member

    i'm using avast free for the last few months, pretty happy so far, love the siren noise (woo, woo) it makes when it dectects a threat......

    +1 for the Avast Free so far!!
  4. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Used AVG for a long time but currently I'm using Comodo.
  5. Merlot

    Merlot New Member

    wow must get me some avast!:)
  6. googlebomber76

    googlebomber76 New Member

    woo, woo:D
  7. Merlot

    Merlot New Member

    Ha! Looking forward to hearing that siren noise now ! could be my new sms alert tone too if its any good lol
  8. Moon54

    Moon54 New Member

    Avast is great and I'd highly recommend it.

  9. alexlao

    alexlao New Member

    Avast!!!! My favorite antivirus program. I worked for two years. Very satisfied.
  10. Arunkumar27

    Arunkumar27 New Member

    I strongly recommend that Avast antivirus is the best!
    I have been using since many years!
  11. mccomf

    mccomf New Member


    I have tested many of them and must say NOD32 is the best.small in size and take very little RAM so your system is still fast.
    I personally hate norton.
  12. mlannon

    mlannon New Member

    I'm not convinced by anti-virus programs. I removed them all from my PC and installed zone Alarm and WinPatrol start up monitor. I use Firefox or K-Meleon web browser and I have never had a virus.
    If it was for a customers PC I would usually install Bitdefender or Avast which is quite good. IMO anti-virus programs cripple the PC but thats for another thread !
  13. iamboredr

    iamboredr New Member

    I think NOD32 is the best:)
  14. Robert Dsouza

    Robert Dsouza New Member

    I think Kasper sky 2009 or NOD32.
  15. StuartC

    StuartC New Member

    AVG out of laziness
  16. Hafsoh

    Hafsoh New Member

    NOD32 is okay, its cheap and does the best job ive ever seen in an anti-virus, but i now use the free version of AVG, its great! I recommend its but if does not detect a virus etc, just do a system restore, saves you getting annoyed and irritated and much quicker than finding a solution.
  17. we2master

    we2master New Member

    Avast is the best antivirus ! I have been using since one year and i recommend it.
  18. Sprouter

    Sprouter New Member

    I used avg for years but about 12 months ago switched to avast and LOVE IT. Avast is free and is very nice :)
  19. zash20

    zash20 New Member

    I use Kaspersky Internet Security since the 5 version. Now i am using 2009 and planning to buy 2010 anyway.
    Among free antivirus Avast is best. But also waiting for Microsoft to release their first ever antivirus which is free. Anyway.
  20. AAA

    AAA New Member

    Am using Nod32 as well, the trial version which never ends :D which kinda confuses me btw.

    I liked the woo - woo part :D never heard of this Avast though, any link for the download? (Want your version, not some found in Google) :)

    P.S Oh, yeah forgot to mention: hate Norton, but numero uno in my to-hate-list is of course: Kaspersky. Once he found a virus which infects all the .exe files and the only solution for that was to delete all the infected files :D So now imagine an XP, with NONE .exe files :D

    "Hope you burn in hell for this **it, Kaspersky :)"

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