best way to link content to different websites

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What's the best way to link content from a database to a different website based on some id (customer).

Before you start bragging about database connection let me tell you what I am looking for.

I want to have the pages already created in php hosted on our server.

give the other website owner some code to add it to his own pages and the data will be coming from the pages already built.

For security reason can not give them the code for those pages, just some sort of link but I am not looking into iframes either.


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Some kind of RSS / XML feed?


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I was playing around with a while ago. If you make xml files out of them and then use a converter to convert then to a javascript.

Then all your client has to do is cut and paste the javascript to his html web page.

I set up this a while ago.

If you think it will work, I'll send you the code so you can hack it to your own needs.



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To create the xm file it's easy.
done that in few minutes.
The issue I had was to pass an id over to the xml file accross network, to make sure i am getting the right products from the database.
I managed that in the end, now i have to get it working in Windows enviroment as well.
Work perfect from Linux server, but windows gives trouble.
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