Best [web dev/design related] article you ever read online?

Discussion in 'Webmaster Articles' started by nevf, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. nevf

    nevf New Member

    For me, i find Sitepoint a good source of resourceful articles, but the article in particular that stands out is the project management one.

    Has anybody else got any favourites that they'd liek to share.
  2. Forbairt

    Forbairt Portfolio Building

  3. waynewex

    waynewex New Member

    +1 for Sitepoint. I also like the tutorials on PHPFreaks.
  4. littleBird

    littleBird New Member

    I used to read Sitepoint but have found that I have drifted away from it and hardly read anything from there anymore, their books are always worth checking out though. Depends what your interested in I suppose, but just a few others worth a mention...

    Design + Wordpress
    Smashing Magazine

    PHP Programming
    Planet PHP

    Top Drawer Web Craft Articles
    A List Apart

    Great Network of Web Related Tutorials
    Tuts+ Network

    General Everything Podcast

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