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Discussion in 'E-Commerce' started by kittykatg5, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. kittykatg5

    kittykatg5 New Member

    We're developing a new website ( Word Press and need a to move into the enlighten age and implement a Booking Engine, Alot of what I've looked at seem geared only to Hotels? Can anyone recommend a good low commission based booking engine that will allow us to book properties rather than rooms?
  2. ciarandebuitlear

    ciarandebuitlear New Member

    Try and look for someone that offers a hosted system for hostels.

    That should have all of the functionality you want. Such exist I believe (I don't want to post any links here because have just joined the forums).
  3. Johnknowsit

    Johnknowsit New Member


    You can search in Google, it's a great booking system, it works for all industries and you can try it for free.

    Good luck
  4. kittykatg5

    kittykatg5 New Member

    Thanks for the help guys. We've decided to go with the ires booking system 30 day free trial so no commitment if it doesn't work out
  5. WhitePhantom

    WhitePhantom New Member


    I'm looking for something the same - a booking engine for a group of holiday cottages.

    Just wondering how did you get on with ires? Or did you go with something different, and if so how did it work out?

    Many thanks,
  6. markkinchin

    markkinchin New Member

    A good cheap booking engine especially for smaller establishments is It can be set to sell properties or rooms.
  7. New Member

    Have a look at Sirvoy's reservation system

    Sirvoy's an Ireland based booking system that offer a commission free solution. It works very well for hotels, hostels, B&Bs, holiday villages and holiday apartments. Read more on Sirvoy Hotel Booking System and send me an email if you have any questions.
  8. padilla

    padilla New Member

    Try to take advantage of the API webiny booking system - webiny
    API documentation - link

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