Broken Websites?

Discussion in 'Webmaster Discussion' started by mneylon, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. louie

    louie New Member

    How do they know?
    They need more money to get it right - lol.
  2. ph3n0m

    ph3n0m New Member

    sorry wasnt talking about specifically - my thought was that you should get a site working first - then worry if its valid or not

    Of course some people will argue that if its valid in the first place that it will work - that is not always the case :)

    well let us not forget that IE7 is still in beta
  3. fieldcorbett

    fieldcorbett New Member


    My points on validation pretty much boil down to:
    • if it validates then there's an lot better chance that it'll work in most places (usually if it doesn't the issues are minor).
    • non validating sites will almost never work in standard compliant browsers (Firefox usually ingnores tags that aren't closed for example)
    • if you want you site to be accessible (and most councils + gov orgs dont have a choice) it must validate
    The best tip I got on developing sites that must support multiple browsers is to develop using a standards compliant browser (Firefox) and then when done test on non compliant ones. Making it work this way round is much easier.

    I also dont agree with saying "theres always something that breaks validation" - its really not that hard to create compliant sites.
  4. ph3n0m

    ph3n0m New Member

    I have built non valid websites - that work in all browsers (including Macs) (that includes websites built using tables)

    I wouldnt agree with that at all - Firefox is my browser of preference - but the figures do not lie - the majority of people always have and always will use IE. It will be some years until any other browser comes close to the dominant figures that IE has attained
  5. fieldcorbett

    fieldcorbett New Member


    I guess its horses for courses about validation. I'd be confident enough in saying its better to validate and that checking your sites on a compilant browser first is easier.

    But if you get the results you need without doing that no probs. I have a bit of a hobby horse about accessibility so I guess I'm biased toward validation too.

  6. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    We tried to make our website compliant, but it isn't 100% compliant. It works on all browsers however.
    The compliancy issues are mainly to do with the CMS' editor shoving in extra characters that are a real pain to strip out..
  7. rsynnott

    rsynnott New Member's little javascript menu thing along the top causes quite dramatic slowdowns in Safari, so I often disable javascript there. When visiting sites which I know try to resize the window, I will disable javascript. And so on...

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