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First and foremost, thank you for this possibility!

I am trying to set up my Website called

Business Online Learning Quick And Easy Management Skills
My products will be Business Learning Videos and Ebooks.

At the present time I am trying to tidy up the site and re-design it, so any comments would be greatly appreciated.
At present my daily traffic is about 100 unique visitors and steadily increasing.

If anyone would like to make suggestions on how I could monetize with the darned thing too, that would be like Santa coming in October. What with Banner blindness and shares of companies dropping, the cash cow for websites up to now seems to have ran dry?

All comments much appreciated - and my genuine thank you for the opportunity
Best wishes


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If you're based in Galway, why are you billing in dollars?
What's with the popup when you access the site for the first time?


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Thanks Blacknight! Besides the shakey future of the Euro :chargrined: over 50% of my visitors are in the US and research has shown that the US is likely to be my greatest market. Also, Africa, with the huge increase in smartphones sales there. Europe is still very conservative about this type of Learning.

Thank you for reminding me about that POP-up. It doesn't come up on my browser, so I had forgotten about it. I'm not quite sure how I can use a Pop-up to any real effect.
Many thanks!
All the best


Try to have one clear message per page. Whether that's here is my 5 products, or here is a fishbone diagram, or here buy this ebook. It all seems a little confusion to me. Like what is the purpose of Mobile Learning pafe ? is it to say you offer m-learning consultation ? If so say it.

I thought the menu items like "find your way" and "business area" were clickable. Why does your sitemap have such prominence ?

I find the site very confusing. You say you sell videos, but I can't see any. Anyway that's my coffee break done.

Grüß aus München !


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Yepp! How right you are! But it is something that kindof develops over time - the market you are targeting and then the message. I really appreciate your comments and will take each one on board.
Really Thanks! Have a look back in about 4 weeks and there should be some major changes...

...Herzlichen Dank und Gruesse zurueck nach Muenchen (und mein alten Heimat Unterhaching).

Thanks a million Paul!
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