Buying a .com domain

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Hi guys,
Quick query - I want to buy a .com domain from an American company.
They asked me to pay via paypal and they will e-mail me details.
I never bought a domain in this way before and wondering if this is the norm?
The company selling the domain I want have thousands of domains so i saaume its ok but if anyone knows the 'norml' process it would be appreciated.
Many thanks.


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It's not uncommon to do it this way.

If the sale is over a certain value most people will opt for using the likes of to ensure nothing can go wrong
If you buy on PayPal there is some level of protection, as you can cancel the transaction within X days if they don't transfer it to you. So PP is a good option IMHO. Granted there are fees, etc. but it's a main stream way in itself. If you are talking of a price over $1000 I'd look at an escrow service as Michele mentions.
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